7 Reasons Why You are Still Single

There can be many reasons why you haven’t found your perfect match yet. Being single can be a wonderful time full of freedom and adventure. However, if you are ready to settle down and have a family, singledom can feel more like a chore. If you find yourself in the latter boat, then you might want to look at your behaviour. It’s not that you’re a bad catch, but perhaps there are some reasons you’re still on the market. The following video will explore seven reasons why you are still single.

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1. You Don’t Put Yourself Out There

Unfortunately, if people don’t have a chance to see your wonderful personality, no one will know you exist. You can’t not mingle with anyone while expecting to still meet someone. You might not be the type of person who is a social butterfly, and that’s OK, however you need to find some medium where someone has a chance to discover you. The great thing about GoMarry.com is all you have to do is sign up, then you have a whole community of marriage minded individuals at your finger tips.

2. You Play Too Many Games

There was an era where people believed that men needed the chase. But with that, sometimes it’s not a chase and it could seem as if there’s no chance to get to know the other person. And the same goes for women, with men pretending not to like the girl or be mean to her to make her interested.

How are these games going to result in a healthy, lasting relationship? The fact is that people don’t trust others who cannot be there for them. They simply find individuals instead who say what they mean and mean what they say. If you find yourself tempted to play a game, ask yourself- if I’m giving off this signal and the person takes me at my word, will I be happy if they are repelled instead of attracted? You might not want to do those deceptive things that would just keep stringing people along.

3. You have Bad Hygiene

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty here- namely, the grit. If you cannot keep yourself clean, then you have a problem. If you’re going through a phase, then maybe you don’t need to drag someone else into the picture. After all, if your goal is to live in the same home as someone in a marriage, the other person will not like your dirt. You’re going to have to try to spiff up your living habits and personal routines a bit if you’re going to attract someone else.

4. You Tell Everyone You’re not Interested

Sometimes we think that we don’t deserve the good things in life that we want. A lot of people are susceptible to this line of thinking. You might tell your friends, co workers, and everyone in ear shot that you aren’t wanting a relationship. But if this news travels to the wrong person, then that individual might not have the courage to ask you on a date. One of the great things about GoMarry.com is that even just by making a profile, you’re telling everyone on there loud and clear that you mean business.

5. You have a Bad Reputation

As in every facet of life, it matters how you treat people. You might not think that your past relationships will come back to bite you, but they can. People can tell other people how you mistreated them in a relationship. You can’t help people’s lies, but if they are telling the truth, then you might have a problem. Your reputation is a cornerstone to your character. However, remember that all you can worry about is your own character. Reputation is merely what other people believe about you.

If you find a way to improve yourself when you face the challenges of life, you will be an attractive partner. The best way to move forward is simply to own up to your mistakes. You will feel happier in general that you’re working to personal growth. That makes you a deeper and more enriched person in the end.

6. You Actually Aren’t Ready for a Relationship

Relationships are all about timing and the right person. You might have been in a place up until now where the timing just wasn’t right for you. There are absolutely no milestones that people are making you accomplish, so don’t get hung up on that. Women might have a biological clock, but that is probably the only set back when it comes to not marrying sooner than later. You don’t need someone to dictate if you are too young or too old for marriage. All you really need is to be over your past relationships before you get into new ones. If you find that you are still so hung up on someone, then consider therapy. This process can help accelerate the healing process.

Also remember that you give a bit of your heart to each new person. Be wise and don’t fall head over heels for just anyone. You might even choose to not get in a relationship with the wrong person so that you don’t get damaged. This is a prudent decision that will help you to prepare for someone that is truly incredible, someone just like the people you will meet on GoMarry.com.

7. You Don’t Know What Your Own Standards Are

This ties into the previous point. If you keep getting with Mr. or Miss Wrong, how will you have anything left over for the One? It will save you some hassle to have some standards in place. Everyone in life needs these. You may say that having none opens you to possibilities. But if you’re real with yourself, that leaves you a bit like a rudderless ship out on the ocean. You might want to land on a destination, but you can’t decide where you might want to go. You don’t know if it’s an island or land attached to the rest of the continent even. That’s a predicament.

Imagine that you are taking the same journey with your love life. If you want to end up with a certain type of person, then you have to chart for it. Try writing down some deal breakers and some must have’s. Honestly, if you don’t do this, you might end up just learning from experience. It would be sad if your dream person came along but you were already married to Mr. or Mrs. Barely Passable.

It may sound complicated, but it’s really so simple. You’re serious about not wasting time and you know that being single has just been a temporary stop for you, so what are you waiting for anyways? Get proactive in the process and head on over to GoMarry.com to start building a relationship with a like minded person. You will be surprised at the sheer quality of the candidates who frequent this site. Well, they usually get snatched up pretty fast, so make sure you head over today.

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