Gold Digger

Gold Digger Girlfriend: How to Know You’re Dating One


Dating a Gold digger could be the hardest reality of a person’s life. It could be extremely difficult to please and make a gold digger happy in the relationship. A gold digger can be recognized as the girl looking for materialistic benefits from the relationship. The significant purpose of her hooking up with you is to get financial benefits from you in a longer term. She is dating your money, not you.

Some of the fundamental signs to identify a gold digger have been described below:


  1. She has an Entitled Personality

It is obvious that she is after your money, wallet, and life status. She is not establishing long-term goals, & desires to achieve a high class and well-establish social life. She has an embedded personality to have attraction only for the pomp and show you can give her after falling in the relationship.


  1. Intentions from the Relationship

Guys usually take pleasure in dating attractive girls. You need to check her intentions. These intentions can shift if she finds a bigger bank account holder. You should think about it and about the future of your relation.


  1. Relationship History

If you check the previous relationship history of a gold digger, then you would realize that she has dated all rich guys. She does not spend energy, making her relationship work; however, she changes her boyfriend to acquire a prosperous, expensive, and luxurious lifestyle. It should ring bells in your mind, and it is better to not to get involved with the one who has no personal intentions to stay with you.


  1. Obsession for Status

After communicating and knowing a gold digger, you would realize that she is looking for a higher living status. She seems perfect on the dates and describing of getting impressed by their partner is her way of acquiring higher lifestyle status.

And might be familiar and proficient in utilizing her looks to gain short-term goals. She prefers dressing in cleavage-revealing tops or figures flattering dress to get her daily needs met from other people. And she does not have any long-term goals, and she is only available to make money.


  1. She does not care about other women

A gold digger could be attractively beautiful and she has an amazing body. However, her body and looks provide for her daily needs of men. She emphasizes taking care of her body and looks because it makes her different from other women. She would not associate with other attractive or beautiful women, because she might consider it as the completion of her life. Her insecurity could be another sign of her gold digging nature. It is significant to recognize a gold digger to stop investing efforts on her.

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