How to Know if You are Addicted To Female Attention

Needing the attention of women doesn’t make you a pleaser as long as it’s within healthy emotional boundaries


I am addicted to female attention? What does it mean? Like with all other tendencies to please someone this one is also curable if not exaggerated.


The reasons for such behaviour are less important than the ways of changing your course.

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First, be sure that this is not a problem but only a behavioural scheme that can be modified. It stems from early childhood but I’m not going to dig deeper into Freud’s theory as I’ve already said because your past definitely doesn’t define your behaviour.

Certain behaviour that you have adopted as a kid is only a set of habits. All you have to do is to unlearn them and adopt new healthy habits.

Here’s the breakdown of each:


  • Stop caring too much

You are addicted to female attention. Know that too much addiction means that you care too much about the opinions of others and their approval. Here’s how it’s going. A few friends or enemies of yours start gossiping about you. About something that is highly irrelevant but it matters to you.

They will forget the idle talk in a matter of seconds, but for you, it will be a source of great worry and stress. You’ll feel like a burden without any reason. It is THEIR opinion and it means nothing. It’ll float like a balloon high in the sky and everyone will forget about it except you!

  • Stop being a nice guy

Being a nice guy today usually means that you will almost empty your bank accounts, buy her or yourself fancy, stupid clothes, leave your friends, or do something even more stupid that will not feed her desire for more. You are not getting ahead, you are not getting approval, you are simply manipulated.


  • Awakening

If you can’t see a difference between love and manipulation seek help from your friend. I’m serious. Arrange a date and let him sit at the table near yours. Overhearing conversation and seeing her body language will be more than enough.

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  • Be smart enough to respect yourself

How others see you depends on how you see yourself and you know that. What do you expect a woman to think about you if you are constantly craving for her attention?! you may be addicted to female attention, but you are not a slave. You have your own precious personality and you weren’t born to depend on anyone else not to mention their opinions.

  • Try to imagine the following situation: The woman you love is constantly seeking your attention, signs of love, your approval etc. Wouldn’t you go mad? You certainly would, so stop doing it yourself. After all, if she appreciates you for all of your admirable qualities she will value you for all of your quirky weirdness as well.
  • So what are you waiting for? The world is full of opportunities. Go out, be yourself, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. People don’t get anywhere by standing still or being self-pitying. Be brave and make a move.
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