Greysexual: Know What is Greysexuality

Greysexual: Know What is Greysexuality

In comparison to the typical person, a greysexual will only rarely experience mild sexual arousal


However, this form of sexual identity is a little more complex than simply not wanting to shag all the time.

Greysexual may identify as bisexual, straight or gay interchangeably throughout their lives. Yet when it comes to the sexual attraction they just don’t find themselves experiencing it all that often.  They cause doubt and confusion about the definition of their sexual orientation.

Putting a label to your sexuality can be empowering.  But sometimes boxing your preferences may feel restrictive and so it is not a requirement for life. Read:

Whether you are feeling straight, gay or bi on any given day, your experiences are valid and it’s healthy to embrace them.


Signs You Are Greysexual

You will have noticed that you are not as sexually active as most of your friends. And it’s not about your morality. You have been turned on before, but sometimes you are not sure if what you are feeling is sexual arousal or sexual desire.

It can be difficult for greysexual to pinpoint what gets them in the mood as their desires shift and change on a moment to moment basis.

You are happy to go for long periods of time without having sex. It may be owing to your mood that you don’t experience lust as a motivating factor.

You prefer platonic relationships and have never even considered sexual compatibility as a key factor in your love life.

You do enjoy intimacy such as kissing, cuddling and holding hands. But you are happy to be in a relationship whether sex is or isn’t a part of it.


Greysexual Never Craves  Sex

You never masturbate or crave sex in any way. Even if you are in a relationship, the mere thought of your partner is not enough to make you want sex.

Taking your clothes off and getting frisky is just not really a thing for you. In fact, you wouldn’t even mind if you were to never have sex again, though you are open to it.

You prioritize your emotional and intellectual needs over physical intimacy.


You Are Picky About Your Sexual Desire

You are very picky about your sexual desires. You may have a specific set of circumstances that you feel are right for sex, and you would only feel turned on if these were in place.

On the other hand, there are times when the circumstances are perfect yet for some reason you simply can’t get in the mood.

Greysexual has very fluid sexual drives, meaning that what works for them on one day may not work the next and they have no control over this.

If you think you are greysexual, know that you are not alone and take comfort in the fact that it is fast becoming widely accepted. You can find someone of your kind at

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