Strong Emotional Connection – What to Do?

The importance of developing emotional connections during your lifetime cannot be emphasized enough. We make strong emotional connections throughout our lives: from the earliest days of childhood to old age. It’s a basic human trait. The more emotionally mature you are, the easier you will find it to form deep, meaningful emotional connections. On the other hand, we also come across crowds and crowds of people whom with we never form an emotional connection with.

How does a strong emotional connection come into being? Is it only a matter of time spent with a certain person? If you want to know about the mix of factors which make two people strongly connected to each other, keep reading:


  • Time is Not a Factor

You can feel strongly emotionally connected to someone you only recently met. You don’t need to have a long-year history of memories. Just think about it: you have spent countless hours with your colleagues at work. How many of them are you emotionally connected to? So, in a nutshell, it could be claimed that a strong emotional connection is never dependent on the time spent with the person.


  • Positive Feelings of Security and Comfort

When you are strongly emotionally connected to someone, you simply understand them and accept them as they are. They do the same thing for you. Emotionally connected people are kindred spirits who deeply empathize with one another. So, when you get connected with someone, you’ll be full of warm feelings of comfort and security.


  • Understanding Each Other Without Words

Do you know those close friends or family members whom you can talk to almost telepathically? This is a great sign of a strong emotional connection. Since emotions speak louder than words, you can clearly communicate with these persons using your eyes, gestures, etc. It seems like they know what you are going to say before you say it. Why? Because they were thinking the same thing.


  • Through Good Times…and The Bad

Persons who share a strong emotional bond will never leave each other’s side. Emotional connection is the most stable connection which enables life-long friendships, relationships, and marriages.

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When you go through a rough time, your emotional partner will be the first person by your side. They are not opportunists who are there only when you are doing great. They will share your success and troubles equally.


  • No Selfishness or Egoism

When you are emotionally connected to another person, you treat them just like you would like to be treated. You feel they are a part of your own self. So, you would never do anything to harm them or put yourself first. The same goes for the other way around.

Strong emotional connections wipe out all feelings of egoism and selfishness. You will truly see and feel that another person is a human being just like you. So, you will act accordingly: with love and kindness.

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