Handling Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are one of the most controversial topics when it comes to dating and personal life. Some people believe that they cannot be successful, while others have loving and intense distance relationships for years.


If you and your partner are doing the long-distance option, take a look at this advice on how to handle it in the best possible way


  1. Talk it Out Before Starting

Before you start your long-distance relationship, make sure that both of you are 100% in it. Distance relationships require incredible commitment and motivation, so if you have even a bit of a doubt, you should express it to your partner.

Trying long-distance isn’t always a good thing. It might seem that both partners are in favor of it, but it can end up in someone being unhappy or someone being hurt.

If your partner wants to end the relationship because of the distance, accept it. It might be very hard to accept it at the moment, but it’s better in the long run.


  1. Talk Multiple Times a Day


When you’re in a distance relationship, the usual phone and texting rules simply don’t apply. Since you can’t see and touch each other, you have to compensate by talking more and keeping up with each other’s lives.

Don’t be too clingy or spam your partner with texts, but it’s always great to get a good morning or a good night text.


  1. Make Video Calls

If you’re in appropriate circumstances, always make video calls instead of audio calls. Skype and Facetime cannot compare to talking to the person live, but it definitely comes closer than an audio call.

This is one of the best innovations in technology our decade has seen. It made distance relationships much more easy to handle. Video calls might be even a partial reason why there’s a higher rate of long-distance relationships than 10 years ago.


  1. Visit Each Other Whenever You Can

This depends on your locations and opportunities to travel, but whenever you get the chance, you should go out and visit your partner (or let them visit you).

These visits will be simply amazing and you’ll be able to reconnect on deep levels in a matter of a couple of days!

The reunion visits or long-distance couples and the thrill of seeing your partner after a long time are one of the best parts of distance relationships.


  1. Focus on Your Real Life

Constant chatting, texting, and face-timing might take you far away from the real world. When the one you love is inside your phone or laptop, it’s very hard to focus on the real world. So, make sure you both find the time for your work, commitments, social events with friends…

A distance relationship can be a great time to focus on your career while enjoying the support and security of having a partner beside you (metaphorically) as well.


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