What is Divine Feminine Energy and How to Tap into It?

What is Divine Feminine Energy and How to Tap into It?

Divine Feminine energy is a modern practice that beliefs in the goddess within. More commonly known as intuition or a woman’s sixth sense. Also named: Yin, Lunar or Shakti


Each person, no matter what gender, has divine feminine energy.

There’s also Masculine energy that is within each and every person also named Yang.


What’s the difference between the divine feminine and divine masculine energy?

The feminine energy focuses on the inner intuition, kindness, self-care, being compassionate to others and being calm.

Whereas, The divine masculine energy focuses on the more driven modern way of living – achieving new things. Working hard and producing new things and being busy.


Each of us has all these energies within us and it’s important to find a balance between the two. If you don’t find a balance you will either be a complete emotional wreck or someone who shows no emotion at all.

Leaning more towards either of these energies can be destructive in nature and can cause many problems for you and your partner in the future.


How do you tap into your feminine energy?

It’s important for both males and females to tap into their feminine energy. It will allow them to love more freely and kindly.

Tapping into this divine feminine energy will help you be more compassionate. It will also help you more nurturing and most importantly it allows you to love yourself more deeply.

Here are a few things you could do to tap into your feminine energy:



It’s important to breathe deeply. Sit somewhere really quiet. Breathe deeply – in and out, in and out. Focus on your breaths and start to become aware of yourself. Being aware of oneself will help you with self-loving.



Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take a break and relax. Do something to nurture yourself. Go for a hair cut or a manicure. Get a massage or cleanse your system. Anything that makes you feel calm.



Be in the current moment. Stop thinking ahead and stressing about everything you still have to do. Appreciate the moment and be thankful for everything that you have right at this very moment.



Do something nice to someone else. Be compassionate and listen to someone’s struggle. Try to help them out or support them in their endeavors. Be kind and love unconditionally.

Don’t confuse feminine energy with being female or womanly.

It’s the type of energy that we all have within ourselves. It doesn’t define our sexuality but it does make us better people.

It’s important for most men to be kind and compassionate towards their ladies.

I believe that all our GoMarry.com members should show kindness, respect, and love towards each other. And by tapping into your feminine energy you will achieve these beautiful kind emotions easily.


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