Happiness: Hidden Secrets of Being a Happy Couple



Over the years I’ve seen many couples meet through GoMarry.com. After the marriage meeting and the marriage, one of the most common questions is- ‘How do we ensure our happiness will last forever?” The simple answer is – you have to work at it. Happiness doesn’t just happen within a relationship. Together the two of you should grow and tend to each other’s needs.

Here is a list of secrets that you can apply as a couple to ensure your happiness.


  1. Spend quality time together

This doesn’t include laying in front of the television every day and night or commuting to work together or even going on family vacations. This means to take one day in a week when both of you, put away your phones and really talk to each other. Do something special, where you hold each other’s hands and really get to reconnect again. Being in touch and staying connected is very important in ensuring the happiness of your future. You’ve probably heard many couples say, “we lead two different lives” – make sure your lives are intertwined and that you keep on experiencing life together to ensure the connection stays present.

  1. Give each other space

Just as much as spending quality time together is important, giving each other breathing room is also important. The worst feeling in a relationship is feeling that one or the other is controlling and demanding. You should let your partner still follow their dreams and spend time with their own friends.

  1. Accept each other

Constantly criticizing everything your partner does won’t bring the two of you any happiness. You have to accept one another. Yes, this means that you have to accept your significant other’s pet peeves and irritating habits.

  1. Tend to each other’s needs

Famous actor Will Smith once said, “I don’t let a day go past that Jada doesn’t feel like the Queen of the World.” He continues to say that it’s important for his wife to feel appreciated and he continues to tend to her needs. In return, his wife tends to his needs as well. Both of them are continuously looking for ways to enrich their relationship and to grow together stronger. That is probably why they are one of Hollywood’s longest lasting marriages.

  1. Forgive and Forget

Don’t hold a grudge. It’s important that you forgive your partner when they did something wrong. Letting go of past mistakes is vital in the process of moving forward.

  1. Better communication and handling arguments

A couple can only be happy when they communicate and keep on communicating better. Arguments are part of being in a relationship and normal within a partnership. But it’s the way that you handle these arguments that makes all the difference. Find better ways to communicate with your partner, especially when you are mad at them. Always communicate with love and tenderness. Don’t be verbally abusive.

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