Hate at first sight

Hate at First Sight — [5 Amazing Facts]

 The phrase love, at first sight, is often used to describe how quickly you fell for a partner. Something that you don’t hear as often, is someone saying they experienced hate at first sight. This happens more often than you may think; just consider how many of your friends may have been people whom you didn’t like when you first met them.


First impressions count for a lot in friendships and relationships. A first impression can be positive or you might find the person gives a negative impression. For some reason, you just don’t like a person when you meet them, even though you don’t know why this is the case. This may be a gut feeling but remember that your gut may be wrong sometimes.


Hate, at first sight, is entirely normal if you meet someone you don’t like and they immediately start to wreck your life. If the person is not causing problems in your life, then you may be uncertain why you dislike the person from the beginning.

5 Reasons For Hate At First Sight

There are five main reasons for experiencing hate at first sight. Here are those reasons, which may give you some clarity on your feelings.

1: Prejudice

It may be your fault that you feeling hate at first sight due to your prejudices. You have built up your own experiences and ideas and now judge people according to these ideals. For example, you may think that all people with tattoos are bad people.

2: Masking True Identity

Some people portray an image, which is not quite as it seems. They do not realize they are appearing a certain way and that this does not gel with their actual personality. This comes from knowing that certain actions may cause rejection and this is the last thing a person wants to experience. Their body language, arrogance, or speaking may create a feeling of hate at first sight.

3: Feelings

Some people may feel hate at first sight simply because they dislike someone from the start. This has to do with your mood when meeting someone and their opinion on certain topics. You may feel their opinions are not in line with yours and this can almost become an obsession. It fosters feelings of hatred because the person is not treating things as you would and you feel this amounts to disrespect.

4: Poor Social Skills

Some people are not comfortable in social situations where they have to meet new people. Their social skills are very poor and this immediately puts a person in a bad light. We usually feel attracted to extroverted people, so an introvert will always be on the back foot. This is not a reason for hate at first sight; you need to give such a person some time to get comfortable in the social setting.

5: Reminding of Other Person

There are times when you meet someone and immediately dislike the person as he reminds you of someone you know. The third-party does not have a good standing with you and you automatically attribute those qualities to the person you have just met. You need to deal with your past to get over this issue.


Meeting someone new is always a risk; you never know if this person is good or bad. Take your time getting to know people and be objective when you meet them. This will help you to avoid hate at first sight. 

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