How to Approach Strangers With Confidence

Meeting new people can be an uncomfortable experience but it is necessary to create friendships. It is easy to approach strangers with confidence. Simply follow these tips.


Positive Body Language

Your body language says a lot about you as a person. It can show confidence or nervousness. Put on a brave smile and keep your head up. It conveys confidence and makes it easy for people to approach you.  Point your feet towards a person that you would like to talk to as it shows an interest in the conversation. Avoid crossing your arms as it can seem defensive.


Pay attention to the body language of the other guests too. People who want to leave a conversation may look away from the conversation often and have their feet pointing away from the people they are engaging with. Find a person with this body language to approach for a conversation; you just might meet someone and start a relationship.


Working The Floor

A club or social event can be a great place to meet the love of your life. There can be many people around so you need to decide carefully about who you want to spend time with and which people to skip entirely. To start with, ensure you are carrying around a drink at all times, even a glass of water is fine. It shows you are planning on staying a while and feel comfortable in your surroundings. If the person you plan on approaching does not have a drink then it will make it easier to start talking and offer to get her a drink too. It will show you are polite and have her needs in mind.


Walk around the room to discover what people are discussing. Some conversations may intrigue you enough to join in, which is a great way to enter a group. At a later point, you may break away from the group conversation to chat with a single person. The ice has already been broken so show a keen interest in the person you are talking to and ask a lot of questions.


Signs to Start Talking

There are many signs to look out for in the people that make up any conversation. These signals will show that you are welcome to join in or that someone wants to speak to you specifically. A person interested in the conversation may make eye contact with you and give you a smile. This is a clear invite to start talking to each other.

Single word responses and filler words are being used by someone in the conversation. The person may also be drawing out their words and simply answering questions with “yes” and “no”. Approach this guy or girl by offering a drink or to take a walk with him. Pay attention to the breathing patterns of a person you want to talk to. A person breathing deeply is trying to avoid showing irritation. Slow nodding can also signify a vague interest in the conversation but only to be polite. A confident stance and friendly face make you more approachable to people. Keep an open mind when talking to people and give others the opportunity to escape a current discussion by inviting her to a new conversation.

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