Still Loves You

How He Can’t Replace You, Because He Still Loves You


It can be a natural feeling to consider that your ex-lover is still in love or care about you. You break up is not going to destroy the feelings for your ex-partner. The love of your relationship could still be present under the burden of all the associated conditions and situations, which lead your break up.

If you have been thinking about your ex-lover and wanting to get back in the relationship with them, then you need to understand and determine your feelings for them. It is extremely important to realize the reasons and situations of your past relationship. Do you need to ask yourself if he is truly the perfect person for you? Are you still in love with your partner?

Some of the major signs have been described below:


  1. He Seems Happy To Greet You

It can be difficult to face your ex-lover right after the break-up; however, if you accidentally see each other and he seems to be happy and rejoice with you, then it could be the sign that they are genuinely in love with you and care for you. This is the basic reason that he feels it great to stay with you and wants to enjoy being with you again.

However, you need to utilize your brain and think carefully with all the possible reasons to have them back in your life. You can try different things to determine his love and care for you in the relationship before trying it.


  1. He Demonstrates Hot & Cold Behavior

His hot and cold behavior could represent his feelings of confusion and emotional connection with you. It could be difficult to not see and talk with the love of their life. Besides, breaking up from them could be another sign of their helpless personality, when they are deeply in love with you and trying to get back to you, because you are irreplaceable for them. Know your worth, and see if you find too much spark in his feelings. It is not a bad option to rethink about him as he came to know that you are his lifeline.


  1. Strong Emotional Connection

He might be experiencing a strong emotional connection with you. If he keeps coming back to you and trying hard to get a profound interaction with you, then the chances are that he is still in love with you and trying to get back to you. You can check his reactions when he sees you with a different guy. If he seems restless, then it is quite evident that he still has feelings for you. However, you need to make sure and wait for their move before heading back to them.

Your ex-partner might not be able to replace you because of their feelings for you. However, it is important to be careful and determined before taking any action. You can always consult for their relationship advice. You can sign up for free and get facilitated by the expert dating and relationship advice of

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