How to Breakup With Your Boyfriend Who Uses You for His Benefits?

How to Breakup With Your Boyfriend Who Uses You for His Benefits – Honest Guide

How to Breakup With Your Boyfriend Who Uses You for His Benefits? Breaking up with someone you loved is never easy. But if your partner is just using you for his benefits, there is no point to keep your relationship alive. However, you must follow certain steps before saying him goodbye. These steps will help you to leave him easily without any emotional trauma and regrets.

Let me share some important steps.

Stop contacting him

If someone is clearly using you for his benefits, you must stop contacting him. Don’t call him, text him or meet him at social events. If you feel the temptation to meet him, busy yourself in other things like hanging out with your friends.

Ignore the late night phone calls or texts

If he keeps on texting you late at night, ignore him. But if he persists, text him back and say that you don’t want to see him. He will try hard to reach you. Remember he’s getting benefits from you and it’ll be hard for him to leave you. Just ignore him.

Cut off social media contact

Sometimes, our ex gets the benefit of social media and tries to contact us. If your boyfriend only uses you for his benefits, you must block him on all of your social media accounts. In addition to that, you can take a break from social media altogether.

Manage your feelings

Leaving someone you loved is never easy so you might feel a few negative emotions. However, you must allow yourself to experience your feelings. Don’t deny or bury your feelings. This process will allow you to heal and you’ll come stronger out of it.

Be realistic

You’ll not be able to leave your partner unless you accept the reality of your relationship. You must acknowledge that he was only using you for his benefits and he had zero emotional attachment with you. Well, it is quite painful but the reality is he was only using you.

Keep a record

Note down the instances where he showed selfishness and never cared about your feelings. What hurt you most in the relationship? It will help you to have a healthy argument with your partner before leaving him. At least you’ll have no regret after leaving that guy.

Understand that it was not your fault

You may be thinking that there is something wrong with you. You may be blaming yourself for choosing the wrong person. Never feel bad about yourself. Anybody can be wrong in his selection. Life doesn’t end here and you must look for a new partner at So stop blaming yourself.

Give yourself something to do

Get busy with other things to forget that guy. Make new friends or go to parties with old friends. You can also go on vacations. Try to forget that person. Develop some new hobbies.
Look for a new partner

When you feel comfortable, you must look for a new partner. Life is really beautiful and you can’t ruin it for that bad guy. Register at and find a perfect partner.

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