Wants to Date But Not a Relationship – What does it Mean?


It can be difficult to understand men’s intentions sometimes. Women often find themselves stuck in understanding and determining men’s intentions during dating relationships. It is important for you to identify the status of your relationship with him.  If he desires to date but is not ready to be in a relationship, then it is better to break the connection with him and move on with someone better than him.

The following steps could determine the significant signs of his intentions:


  1. He is not consistent with his communication

If you have been prioritizing your communication with him, but you do not hear from them within a week or two; however, you are not aware of their intentions. If he only contacts for his interests during his free time, the chances are that he is only interested in dating rather than being in a relationship with you.

It is a better option to move on if he is taking you only as a time-pass option. It is never advisable to get into that relation, which will take forever to have an identity to be an official relationship.


  1. He is still interested In the Previous Relationship

One of the fundamental reasons that he is not interested in building a relationship with you because he might be involved in the previous relationship. He might be looking for dating to move on from their previous relationship.

Give him time to settle down and grant him some space to absorb the change. It will work as a sound foundation for your future relationship.


  1. He Consistently Disappears

Do you enjoy your time with him? Does it feel amazing to be with the ideal men of your life? If you have been having a great time with your partner and considering that you will make a perfect relationship with them, then you need to think again.

He might be available to spend time with you; however, they tend to disappear consistently. They show non-serious behavior most of the time. This could be an obvious sign that he is only available for dating and does not intend to invest time in a long-term relationship with you.


  1. His Family and Friends do not know About You

If you have been seeing each other for quite some time, but he never introduced you with his family and friends, then you acquire a small place in his life. If he is not inviting you to see his family and friends, then it represents the unavailability of moving further in a relationship.

Say him to make you social with his family and friends. Although it will be hard to crack the shell which he has created around him, it is better to make some efforts than to regret afterward.

He is open to spend time and have a sexual connection with you; however, he does not intend to move into a relationship, then it is better to leave him alone. Remember, he is not the person for you. You can sign up with and get assistance from the perfect matchmaking services of

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