How Does it Feel to Be in A Relationship

As social and sexual beings, humans thrive in intimate, personal relationships. When we reach the adult stage of our lives, being in a romantic relationship with a partner is one of our primary social and emotional needs. However, many people find themselves single in adulthood as well, wondering what it feels like to be in a relationship.

  • It’s amazing

Being in a loving, intimate relationship is one of the most unparalleled feelings of the human experience. In a relationship, you’ll reach highs you never even knew possible. You’ll feel loved, and you’ll feel your love for the other person growing as well. Being in a relationship provides a content feeling of emotional satisfaction and peace.

  • It’s scary

We’ve described all the ways relationships are wonderful, but all couples know they are hard as well. Opening yourself up to someone can be very daunting. Many people don’t show their vulnerable side to others, so their partner is the first person to see this. This can be challenging, especially for men. A relationship will also tap into all your insecurities. You might find yourself having a problem that you never had while you were single, like jealousy, self-consciousness, insecurity…

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