97. Do you have any savings?

I believe that everyone should set aside some funds for reasons obvious to all. The “rainy day” fund is a good idea. This may be from the most basic of ways like saving a percentage of your salary to more strict ones like buying cheaper options of the same product.

Saving reveals a lot about one’s perspective on managing their finances. Sensibility and forward planning is what you’re looking for here.

  • What percentage of their income do they save?
  • How much do they currently have as their savings?
  • Do you believe in putting a little something away for a rainy day?
  • Do you believe in buying things that are value for money?
  • Do you buy branded or non branded?
  • Are you an impulsive shopper?

Remember differences here can be catastrophic to one’s relationship. Imagine you struggle each and every month saving for the future whilst your spouse flaunts it all away. How would you feel?

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