How To Know If Your Relationship Is Just a Fantasy

How To Know If Your Relationship Is Just a Fantasy

Your relationship is just a fantasy if it does not give you a feeling of completeness. True love gives you recognition of your efforts, it does not deprive you of your free will to be what you are


“For those in love with an illusion often refuse to accept reality.” – Sanal Edamaruku


When you have a crush on a guy, it’s only natural to look for signs that they feel the same. The problem is, sometimes you end up reading meaning into a situation where there is none.

Infatuation is blind and the imagination is wild. If you aren’t careful you could be planning baby names before you have actually gone on a single date.

Your relationship is a fantasy and it wastes a lot of time and emotional energy that you could be spending in a real romance.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your assessment of his vibe is nothing more than wishful thinking.


One-Sided Effort

Biologically, men are hardwired to pursue what they want. If you are always the one doing the initiating by texting and calling first to suggest that you hang out. It is likely that he doesn’t think of you as more than a friend.

A man who is inspired to be with you will definitely make a move. There needs to be a mutual effort involved if your relationship is to make it from your mind to your reality.

Know that your relationship is just a fantasy and You will only make a fool of yourself.  if he is ghosting you, your denial to concrete evidence won’t change the status.

Accept it as a clear sign that your relationship is just a fantasy. Telling this kind of guy how you feel won’t change anything at all. It will only end up with an awkward conversation.


They Haven’t Told Their Friends About You

While having a secret love affair can seem exciting at first. There is a point where you will start to wonder why your lover hasn’t told anyone that you exist.

The most obvious conclusion would be that they don’t see you as a long term partner. And therefore, they don’t feel the need to introduce you to their circle.

They might come up with all sorts of excuses.  When this happens, know that your relationship is just a fantasy. And your partner is still playing the field and doesn’t want to commit.

Do not allow this type of BS into your life! You deserve so much more than that.


The Relationship Is Undefined

Putting a label on a relationship is the only way to know where you stand with another person.

If the guy you’re crushing on is refusing to go official? it is a clear sign that your relationship is a fantasy.

You deserve to be with someone who is happy to be committed to you. An undefined relationship has no boundaries or obligations. You cannot hold the other person accountable for any of their actions.

If you are just hanging out with a guy, and it’s been more than three months. There is then a high chance that a relationship will never happen.

Don’t waste years of your life hanging onto false hopes, when you could be happily enjoying romantic strolls on the beach with an even better guy.

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