Can Non- Sexual Touches Help Feel Connected?

Can Non-Sexual Touches Help Feel Connected?

There is a quick and simple answer to this … yes!


Of course, you can have a connection with someone with non-sexual touches. There are many different ways that you can touch someone, which doesn’t have to be sexual, but still gives you a connection with that person.

Here, I am going to talk to you about these different ways that you can have that connection with someone, without having to touch sexually. Try them out and you will find that you really can have that connection. So let’s get to it.


A hug

Is there anything more comforting than a hug? This is the best way that you can touch someone in a non- sexual way and still have that connection.

Been away from home for a long time? A hug is the best welcome home.

Feeling sad about something? A hug makes things feel better.

Meeting someone for the first time? A hug is a great introduction.

The warmth that you get from a hug gives you that instant connection and, as mentioned, it doesn’t have to be with your loved ones, it can also be from a stranger. Hugs are the source of happiness.

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Hand holding

Who doesn’t love going for a stroll with their partner, holding hands along the way? Just being with the person you love is always wonderful, but holding their hand makes everything feel so much better.

It doesn’t have to only be when out for a stroll though, as you can just hold your partner’s hand at any random time. Holding hands is non-sexual in any given situation and it adds more to your affection.

Hold their hand while watching TV.

Hold their hand while having dinner.

Hold their hand while shopping.

The possibilities are endless for hand-holding and, the best thing about it is, it doesn’t have to be sexual and you still get that connection. Try holding your partner’s hand more often, you are both going to love it.


Kiss the head

For absolutely no reason at all, just go up to your partner and kiss them on the forehead. They might seem a little confused by it, but it is going to make them feel great. A simple kiss on the forehead can make your partner’s day.

She’s making dinner … kiss her on the forehead.

She’s watching a movie … kiss her on the forehead.

She’s doing her nails … kiss her on the forehead.


A kiss on the forehead shows them that you care and you love them, without having to be sexual. It reaffirms the connection you have with them while keeping things non-sexual at the same time. After all, sex isn’t everything.

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Remember these things and you are going to see your relationship growing and you are going to feel that connection getting stronger than ever before. You can even try practical questions given at GoMarry and see where does your connection stand? Do these things on a regular basis to let your partner know that you appreciate them. Never take them for granted, as sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

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