How to Apologize to a Girl When You’ve Messed Things Up

How to Apologize to a Girl When You’ve Messed Things Up

Girls have a range of complex emotions, which men do not always understand. When a girl is hurt by a guy he needs to apologize and mean what he says.

Guys, if you know that you messed up and hurt a girl then you should correct the situation as soon as possible. Apologizing correctly will help to get the relationship back on the right path. You will need to own up and make up for your actions.

Own your mistake

You need to take responsibility when you hurt a girl or make a mistake. Be sincere when choosing your words. Tell her you are sorry and mean it.

Do not offer a fake or sarcastic apology and never shift the blame to her or another person.

You need to do the apology in person; do not send her a message or use social media. A card or text is okay after you have said sorry in person.


An apology should come from the heart

Your apology should come from your heart. It may help to explain your actions to your girl.

Tell her why you did or said something and how you felt at the moment. Ask her how it made her feel and explain that it was not your intention to make her feel sad or hurt.

If she asks for space, give it to her. Do not force her into accepting your apology; she will understand when the time is right.

Do not delay

Do not delay in apologizing to a girl. Make your apologies as soon as possible but without having any bad feelings towards the girl.

It is okay to take some time and clear your mind or calm down, but you should never make the girl wait unnecessarily.

Be a man and say sorry, even if it means you have to give your pride the cold shoulder. Your girl will see that you are honest and appreciate your willingness to admit your mistakes.


Make up for your actions

You will need to make up for your actions once you have apologized.  Apologize to a girl and ask your girl what will make the situation better or what you need to do to gain her love back. Ask for forgiveness and trust.

Stick to her wishes and follow through by not hurting her again. Remember that forgiveness may take time and everything won’t be okay just because you apologized.


Do not try to buy her forgiveness

Showing up with jewelry or flowers will make her feel that she can be bought and that is not the message you want to convey. You can show your appreciation afterward by giving her flowers, chocolates, or another item that you know she loves.

When giving her a token of appreciation for forgiveness, you have the opportunity to make it a memorable occasion. Make her a meal or visit for other suggestions on making her feel special.

Go out of your way to do something that is specific to her and not just a general apology mechanism.

You can get back into the good books of a girl when you messed up. Do not hesitate to apologize to a girl. Giving a sincere apology with an explanation will show her you understand the situation. Presenting her with a gift will also show that she is valued by you.

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