Approach a Girl

How to Approach a Girl Anywhere: Bar, Street or Work


Many men avoid approaching them purely because they don’t know how to approach a girl. You could be missing out on having a wonderful relationship with someone, only because you don’t know how to talk to an unknown woman. However, there are many ways in which you can approach these women, without making a bad impression of yourself.

Follow these simple steps to approach a woman in any situation:

Make Eye Contact

Make eye contact with the girl you want to approach; if she catches your gaze as well, maintain eye contact and give her a friendly smile.

Gauge Her Reaction

If she holds eye contact, take that as a green light from her to show that she is interested, and use the invitation to approach her.

Watch Your Body Language

You don’t want to come off as intimidating, so make sure to keep your posture relaxed, but confident. When you approach the girl, keep your head up and shoulders back, and try to smile.

Approach the Girl

This is possibly the most difficult and scary step. It can be hard to build up the confidence to approach a new person, but remember that it only takes a few seconds of courage to possibly change your life. That is why it is best to go by a “five-second” rule: once you spot a girl you are interested in, approach her within five seconds. This helps to prevent feelings of anxiety, and it makes you appear confident.

Engage in Conversation

Half of the stress is over once you’ve reached this step. All you need to do is get a conversation going!  The trick here is to keep the situation positive, fun, and comfortable. Start with a genuine introduction or even a compliment, but try to keep things simple; this helps to maintain an authentic representation of yourself. Once you’ve introduced yourself, feel free to engage in some playful banter with the girl, to keep the conversation fun and interesting.

Remember to Keep Your Attitude Positive

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that the girl will remember much of your conversation, purely out of human nature. However, what she will remember, is how you made her feel. This feeling comes mostly from your attitude, rather than what you said. Keep your attitude heartfelt and warm to avoid coming across as demanding or approval-seeking. Having a positive outlook during the conversation helps her to feel comfortable as well, improving your chances of having a successful outcome. Remember that if you make her feel good when she is with you, it can help make her want to spend more time with you.


To summarise, don’t wait too long to take action, and try your best to be authentic and fun during the interaction. If things don’t go your way, don’t despair, there is always next time to try again. Find more relationship advice on the site, to make you as comfortable as possible in your romantic endeavors.


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