What Are The Signs of a Pure Heart

What Are The Signs of a Pure Heart

When we consider our perfect partner, we often speak of finding someone kind and of a pure heart


If we were to consider the signs of someone with a pure heart? Does this really suit the type of person we want to spend our lives with? For some, the answer is an easy yes. But we can often find that discovering someone such as this can be a lot harder than it should be!

So, how important is it to you that your ideal partner is someone of a pure heart? You may also read the qualities of a good heart.


We have been gathering plenty of research to come up with a list of traits found in someone pure of heart. Let’s explore them.



Someone who could be considered of the pure heart may often do things without any expectations of receiving something in return. This is much rarer nowadays than it should be with most people considering things should be “tit for tat”.

Being fortunate enough to meet an individual that is kind and does not expect anything in return for their own actions. You may find this person has been taken advantage of often. They will too easily be willing to do things for others without reaping any reward which we believe is a wonderful character but does make them an easy target for being taken for granted.

If you find someone such as this, be sure to treat them with respect and kindness. Do not take the things they do for you and others lightly and be sure to give as much as you receive.



Someone pure of heart can often do more for others than they are willing to do for themselves. They will be driven by giving love more than receiving it. This kind of person must be reminded that they deserve as much love and kindness as they are willing to give to everyone else.

Give this person as much love as you can. They deserve it more than anyone and they will often neglect to give themselves any kindness at all. If, as in the above section, this person may be taken for granted too so may experience less love and kindness than they should.



We can all feel empathy to varying degrees but what does it look like to be truly empathetic? Someone kind and of the pure heart may be so in tune with others that they begin to feel their feelings. Empaths are often those with the above traits because they are focused on how others feel in varying situations. They can, therefore, put themselves in other people’s shoes and imagine how they would feel to be treated well and be cared for and loved.

Most individuals that are of pure heart will usually be a true empath. This only fuels their desired to give love and give themselves without anything in return. If you meet such an individual, hold on to them with all your might. Keep them safe and protected from the world that may take advantage of them. Love them with all your being, give them as much as you can so they have the opportunity to feel how they make others feel. They truly deserve it.



An individual who cares for others feels how others feel and gives without any expectations will more than often be an honest person. Deception does not fall within their vocabulary and the idea of allowing another to feel deceived is beyond comprehension.

Treat this person as honestly and kindly as you can so they know they are not alone in their kindness and respect for others.

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