Relationship: How to Avoid 7 Year Curse

Ah, the ‘newness’ of a relationship — do you still remember the feelings. Love, lust, butterflies, fiery passion and much more! You fall in love and everything seems going passionately romantic but then slowly the passion starts to disappear, the freshness diminishes and things don’t remain so…effortless anymore. The undying love seems to fade away. One of the main issues is taking your partner for granted. It becomes tough to accept your partner’s habits anymore and you start thinking that you can’t move ahead in the relationship.


How to avoid a 7-year relationship curse?

In the real world, you can’t expect anybody to be perfect. In the same sense, there are also issues in relationships. All of us have shortcomings and we express them from time to time. The majority of people encounter a few bumps along the road to a lasting relationship because maintaining a happy long-lasting relationship is never an easy task. To stay on the track, we must as couples, try to implement some practices and rituals to maintain our relationship. Without a doubt, the couples who give preference to their relationship and do efforts every day enjoy a better and long-lasting relationship.


Love yourself

Generally, we get so busy in making others happy that we completely forget about a person-ourselves. Remember, if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody else, fully. So be kind to yourself and give priority to self-love. Take time to think about your ever-changing desires, needs and wants.


Carve out time for each other

Sometimes, the list of responsibilities becomes awfully long. You get so busy in your work or job that you start ignoring your partner unintentionally. However, loving and caring of your lover should be one of your very top priorities.  Revisit your love, attention, and affection to your valuable partner. Even on the busiest day, you can say ‘I love you’ to your partner. Believe me, these three words will do magic for you.


Communication is the key

If you’re not communicating properly, even a strong bond of love can be shattered. Whatever the situation may allow, there should be healthy communication. It helps to resolve issues and differences. It also helps to understand the expectations your partner has. Discuss issues with your partner like what you don’t like and what are your feelings and emotions about him/her. If you’ll stay silent, it will ruin your relationship. As soon as you see a bumpy phase in your relationship, sit down and identify the problem and try to resolve it. You should also keep on communicating even when things are moving smoothly and tell your partner what makes you feel happy. All in all, keep on communicating like you did when you first met on


Keep things exciting

All of us love newness but this doesn’t mean we have to meet a new person every few years. You must show a dedication to keeping a constant feeling of newness in your relationship. Together, both of you can start something new like a new hobby or a shared interest.




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