Head and Heart

How to Do Well in Love Life


Our emotional life is full of twists and turns, often we find ourselves in a battle between our head and our heart. And most of the time it is more sensible to follow our head and listen to the reason that it comes up with, rather than aimlessly following our heart.


Following your heart can lead to emotional disaster


We usually trust our hearts, listen to it and keep on believing what it sells to us. In a bid to follow our heart we end up ignoring what our head is telling us, which often leads to us making the wrong decision. Following heart, aimlessly left us hurt in the long run. The battle between your head & heart goes on.  It can be difficult to know what to do in these difficult situations but you really should follow your head.


Head & Heart should get along well to win a love life


It is definitely a big thing when it comes to a relationship. There are going to be times when you have to make a decision that will divide your head and heart. When it is the smaller things, where it is not going to have too much of a major impact on your relationship, it can be OK to follow your heart. However,  when it comes to the bigger and more serious things that happen in a relationship, your head should endorse what your heart feels like, only then you can have a stable emotional life.

Move on while no other option is left intact


One of the key moments that occur in a relationship is when you feel like you really need to let your partner go. You know it in your mind that the time has come for you to part ways, but since you love them so much that your heart tries to convince you that still, hopes are alive. This kind of confusing situation gives birth to a battle between your two significant parts of the body. Your head and heart continuously argue. You can’t decide whether you should stay with your partner or leave?


Listen to your head and convince your heart that hoping against hope will not work for you.  If your head is saying that you can’t hold on to your partner, but your heart is telling you to stay, it is time for you to walk away.


 Listen to your head and walk away

Sometimes, people can fool themselves into believing that taking a break could be a good idea and that coming back after some time apart will make things better, but this is really not going to work for you in the long run. You need to find the strength inside you to follow your head, listen to the obvious since it is making, and walk away. Your heart will heal with time, but it will just get so much harder for you to kick the ghost away if you prefer to stay glued. It is rather wise to move on and find yourself a person who you get green flags from your head and heart.

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