How to Breakup Without Hurting Their Feelings

How to Breakup Without Hurting Their Feelings

It is never easy to break things off with someone you have had feelings towards, and it is even harder to break up without hurting their feelings


So, you have come to terms with the fact your relationship is not what you need. And the person you are with is no longer what you want. Now you need to way for you to bring your relationship to an end without anybody’s feelings being hurt. Nobody likes to upset people and to avoid getting hurt. You may try to learn a thing or two about emotional detachment.


Do it in Person

This is the most crucial thing you must do if you really don’t want to breakup without hurting their feelings. It shows them that you have the decency and respect to look them in the eye. You may seek some tips and act with dignity.

Make sure you do it in person so you can be clear and honest when you communicate.  You should also allow them the opportunity to ask you questions. This will help them to find closure as your relationship draws to an end.

You may be able to talk things through and leave the conversation still caring for one another and still respecting each other as human beings. Don’t do it by text, don’t do it over the phone and don’t email. This will cause hurt and it will be long-lasting.


Take Responsibility

You have come to the decision that this relationship is over. It is no longer something you want to be a part of, that is okay, it happens. But make sure to take responsibility for making the decision to move on. Don’t pin the blame on them, don’t tell them everything they did wrong, don’t defend yourself.  Just go for breakup without hurting their feelings.

Own your decision and avoid blaming circumstances or events for the breakdown of the relationship. It is okay to decide you don’t want to be with someone, but it is not okay to move the blame elsewhere.



Be honest about your feelings and what has drawn you to make this decision but please don’t be so honest that it becomes hurtful. Be kind and considerate in how honest you are; some things are just better left unsaid.


Breakup Sex

Do not do it. Don’t even think about it. Not even a kiss. It is cruel to leave a person with further confusion as to where they stand after breaking up with them.



No, don’t get the bleach out. We highly recommend that you make sure the breakup is clean. Make sure to answer all the questions they have and be honest and kind in your answers.

Try to avoid suggesting you become friends because this usually ends up with long lasting confusion. And it can result in your significant other taking a long time to find closure from the end of the relationship.



Lastly, give them time. Don’t rush the process and don’t get in touch with them the next day. Give them time to grieve the end of your relationship and give them time to reach a point of closure. If you are destined to remain in each other’s lives, then great but don’t force it. Let it happen naturally, if at all. When once you opted breakup without hurting their feelings. It is the time now to seek someone compatible at

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