The Signs of Insecure Man That Can Ruin a Great Relationship

The Signs of Insecure Man That Can Ruin a Great Relationship

Are you wondering whether your man is insecure? Well, this trait is not something personal which he needs to manage, but something that can harm a relationship, too


No matter how good you two are with each other, being in a relationship with an insecure man is super hard.

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Here are some signs of insecure men:


Backhanded compliments

Backhanded compliments are actually insults disguised as compliments. You may have heard something like ‘You look way better in that dress!’, which poses as a compliment, but actually implies that you don’t usually don’t look good.

The reason insecure men use this kind of nagging and putting you down is that it makes them feel more powerful. Remember, insecure people, are more often bullies than shy, reserved flowers.

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He needs constant reassurance and attention

Needing a lot of attention is generally considered to be a girl thing, but it’s common among insecure men as well. An insecure man doubts that you actually like him and want to be with him, so he needs constant reminders that this is actually so.

This may be OK in the beginning, but after a while, you will be completely fed up with this.



Jealous people are in 99% of cases very insecure. It’s basically a trait that shows people think that they’re not good enough for you, so you will go looking for someone else.

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No matter how cool and interesting your guy maybe, if he’s jealous, it can quickly become unbearable and make you want to leave the relationship.


Threats of breaking up

Insecure men use petty, immature tactics as a way of getting your attention and getting the upper hand. An insecure man will have a tendency to make ultimatums and threats that he is going to break up with you if you don’t xyz.

Never succumb to ultimatums, because they are a form of emotional bullying and no healthy relationship can be built upon threats.


He’s going way too fast

Just like needing attention, an insecure man thinks he has to have you all for himself and he will usually skip the months-long process of dating and getting to know each other. You can expect him to say that he loves you very early on in the relationship.


He’s obsessed with you

Insecure men idealize the objects of their attention and desire, and in this case, this means you. He will often stalk your social media accounts and you may even find him snooping around your phone. He simply needs to have that feeling of having you under control. The underlying cause is his intense fear of abandonment.

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