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How to Cut The Third Wheel From Your Relationship

How to Cut The Third Wheel From Your Relationship? A relationship is supposed to be between two people and the third wheel can make things worse. At times, there’s just that one person who always tags along and makes the number three. I’m not talking about the cheating but you need privacy with someone you love so much. But unfortunately, there is an ex, one girl in the form of ‘bestie’, or even a random friend who is always all up in your relationship.

You’ve definitely encountered a situation where a third party dive-bombed your date. Well, if you face such a situation next time, follow the below-mentioned tips to cut off the third wheel from your relationship.

Talk to your partner

The first right and decent step is to talk to your partner. Make him believe why you think the presence of that ‘friend’ bothers you. Your partner may not feel that way but you’ve to make him believe that. Making him understand calmly without sounding like a possessive lunatic or turning it into a fight is what might work best.

Have an excuse and leave early

It’s a great idea to make an excuse to leave. You can be sleepy, full, and no longer up for a hangout after a drink and/or a dinner. If you really want to leave, you can get a sudden migraine from working hard all week, a headache from weather changes, or the onset of a common cold. Perhaps your sister needs a pickup because your mom is busy or you forgot something really important. In this way, you can cut off the third wheel from your relationship.

Follow up to hang out later

It is hundred percent reasonable to look for privacy with your lover. But the third wheel will never consider it as a good option, so you must convince him or her that you’ll hang out in the near future. It’s not like a bargain but you could convince them that you’ll hang with them to see a movie, over a drink or just hang out somewhere soon. You should make a sincere suggestion so that he or she couldn’t deny. If the third wheel is sharp enough he or she will leave you with your lover without feeling shunned or unwanted.

Setting the boundaries

It’s good to set boundaries. If the third wheel persists, you can ask her for a drink but clearly say that the dinner is reserved for only two persons. If you can bear her during the dinner, it’s always wise to move separately with your lover after the dinner. Never feel shy or hesitant in setting boundaries.

Talk to the third wheel

You must straightforwardly talk to the third wheel and ask her for space. If you think she’s becoming a serious pain in the ass, you must also show her some attitude. However, before talking to the third wheel, never forget to consult tour partner.

I’m not saying that your partner shouldn’t have friends in opposite sex but if those ‘friends’ try to cross the limits and becoming a problem for you, you must raise your voice. If you’re still single, you must try Here you’ll surely find a guy of your dreams.

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