How to Deal With a Stingy Boyfriend

There are certain personality traits that make otherwise perfect guys a nightmare in relationships. One of the most annoying things is your boyfriend being stingy. This is especially weird if you come from a culture where it’s customary for the man to pay for everything.


Although it sounds like a silly flaw, it can turn into real relationship-killer real soon. You’ll definitely know how this personality trait can be detrimental to relationships if you had already dated someone who was stingy.


If you’re willing to look past the stinginess and you want to be in a relationship with this person, read some tips on how to handle their annoying flaw:


  1. Express Your Frustration to Your Partner

Don’t get us wrong: expressing your frustration doesn’t mean yelling at your partner in the middle of a restaurant. Rather, sit down with your partner and have a heart-to-heart conversation about what’s bothering you.

For many people, stinginess is a habit that they’ve had from their earliest days and they might not even see it as a problem.

But, just like the famous adage says: “The first step to solving the problem is admitting you have one.” Through conversation with your partner, get them to acknowledge this is really a personality trait of theirs.


  1. Don’t Try to Change Him Against His Will

During these conversations, if your partner expresses the desire to try hard and change, that’s perfect. However, if your partner takes a defensive approach and refuses to change, don’t set ultimatums or practice any other type of manipulative relationship behavior.

You can’t change a person who doesn’t want to change, however hard you may try.

However, if your boyfriend doesn’t seem to care that you’re frustrated about his stinginess, that’s something that says a lot about some other problems that you may have in your relationship.


  1. Learn to Accept It

Once you’ve accepted that you have a stingy boyfriend, that you’ll never be lavished with gifts or surprise trips, it’s time to adjust to the new reality. If this is something you cannot imagine, maybe it’s time to start thinking about the long-term perspective of the relationship.

Always keep in mind that no one is perfect and that your boyfriend is allowed to have flaws just like any other human. Focus on other things in which he makes you happy and loved, instead of magnifying his flaws.


  1. Don’t Criticize or Talk About Him Behind His Back

Criticizing your boyfriend’s personality is never, ever productive. It’s especially harmful if you complain about his stinginess to your friends. Imagine how you would feel if he did the same thing to you. So, if you want to point out that something about his behavior is bothering you, never do it in a criticizing or judging manner. Always be kind and gentle and try to see the situation from their point of view as well.

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