How to Find a Husband in University – Explained

It makes me really happy to see that young women are finally avoiding conventional methods like dating websites when looking for a husband. And most importantly, saving their time and energy from pointless short-term relationships. I assume you are pretty young as you are still in University.

You’ll most definitely have guys approaching you every now and then and though I shouldn’t be brushing everyone with the same brush, most of these guys will just be looking for cheap hook-ups. And as for the rest, not looking for hook-ups, will still not be thinking like you about settling down and starting a family. So I’ll be honest and say that you’ll find it really hard to find a Husband at the university.

But what I would recommend you is to get registered on ‘‘. Here you will find many young men who are looking for someone just like you, i.e wives. is the first ever Marriage Only Match-Making service so your chances of finding a husband are very high. I’d also suggest that instead of going on dates, go on Marriage Meetings. It is a new concept that I created after tried and tested courtship experiences. Dating wastes too much time and requires emotional investment. Marriage Meetings, on the other hand, are quickfire, you get to achieve a lot more than any amount of dating but within a few days.

Also, to help you with these Marriage Meetings, make sure to take 2 copies of my FREE eBook ‘101 Questions To Ask Each Other Before Getting Married‘. It’s full of honest and practical questions that most people are too shy to ask when dating. Finally, you can both thank me maybe on your wedding day speech. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

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