How to Find a Handsome Husband – Here’s the Guide

I’ll break my answer into two halves. First I’ll address your requirement of a “Handsome” husband. How important is this criterion? Frankly speaking, if you found an OK looking guy that loved you, adored you, took care of you. Would you exchange him for someone who met that Handsome criteria?

Plus, most men who realize that they’re above average in the looks department, just like girls, take advantage of it. They’re good for the odd casual fling (which I never recommend) but often, especially in days of quick hookup websites and apps. Never make for good husband material.

Now that the fatherly lecture is over, I’ll address your second concern, where to find a Husband, instead of a boyfriend or anything else. Just like how if you were looking for just another date, you’d go signup on dating websites. You need to go sign up to the first of its kind marriage-only relationship website

Once you find a suitor on, don’t go on dates with this person. Go on Marriage Meetings instead, If you want to find out what marriage meetings are in details, click here. In brief, marriage meetings are way better than dating because you can fully get to know each other within a few days all without having to make any emotional connection or sleeping with anyone. Marriage meetings entail you guys ask each other a bunch of questions that most people are too shy to ask when dating and these questions often prove to make or break relationships. If you can’t think of anything to ask, take 2 copies of my FREE eBook “101 Questions To Ask Each Other Before Getting Married”. If you don’t like free stuff, you can buy the paperback version on Amazon. Good Luck.

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