How To Find Inner Peace in a Messy Relationship

How To Find Inner Peace in a Messy Relationship

There are times in life where everything seems to be falling apart, and it is in moments such as these that we most need to hold ourselves together


You want to find inner peace after having a major argument ? or feeling like your messy relationship is coming to an end, is an extremely unsettling experience. It feels like unwanted thoughts are on repeat in your brain, and there is no pause button.

While you may be tempted to curl up in the fetal position and “get food poisoning” for a week, you need to show your face at work and present yourself to clients as well as co-workers. It’s not always possible to rely on others for support, so the following tips will show you what you can do by yourself to find inner peace.

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Let’s explore some of the tips to help us find inner peace.


Keep Busy

The upside of having to face the day is that it actually presents the opportunity of a distraction from your swirling thoughts. Pack your day as full as possible while you are going through these trying times. Even mundane tasks that require no thinking can be soothing.

Channel your pain into something constructive and you will find a motivation that you have never known before. A great way to direct your energy is to spring clean and organize the entire house or office. In doing so, you will feel a degree of control that brings inner peace to a messy situation.


Read Inspiring Quotes and Articles

Keeping busy is not enough on its own to center you when your heart is breaking. It isn’t always practical to talk to someone, so one of the best ways to find comfort and inner peace on-the-go is to Google quotes and inspiring articles.

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Keep a Journal

There will also be moments when you need to release your pain and vent in such a way that you can process what is happening. While therapy and a shoulder to cry on are very good outlets for finding inner peace in a messy situation, journaling is more practical. If you are worried that your privacy may be invaded, then use a digital format for your thoughts and keep it secure with a passcode.

When you write, try not to filter yourself and simply allow whatever thoughts crop up to flow onto the page in front of you. They don’t have to make sense or even be true, because you are expressing your feelings – not facts. By doing this you will prevent negative emotions from consuming you and feel a great sense of relief.


Repeat Affirmations

When things get messy in a relationship, self-esteem is often the first thing to suffer. Take care of your heart and soul by reminding yourself how amazing you are. Affirmations are positive statements about yourself and can include praising your physical as well as character traits and achievements.

Say the affirmations in the mirror or write them down, to maintain your sense of self and keep your head above water. You might need to actively fight any self-deprecating thoughts that crop up, questioning their validity and providing evidence to yourself that they are not true.

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When once you have got rid of a messy relationship, it is the time to give yourself the love you deserve. is the only place where you can find a lifelong relationship and that too without any mess.

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