High Expectations

High Expectations: One Woman You Shouldn’t Date With


The dating world is far less simple than it used to be. It used to just be a case of finding someone you had a good connection with. Start dating and see where things lead. These days, however, it’s much more complicated than that. Everything is taken into consideration: track record of past relationships, financial stability, plans for the future, and even religious views. Women especially like to figure out how much they can change a man to suit their vision of a “perfect partner”. This sort of high expectations puts a lot of pressure on a relationship. That has yet to even grow a stable foundation.


The Fierceness of a Controlling Woman


Why would a man initially consider dating this type of woman? Some men like a challenge. They are drawn to women who play hard to get or who pose a threat to the man’s ego. A lot of men feel that they need to prove something when their authority is put to the test by a demanding woman. Plenty of men also enjoy the fierceness of a controlling woman. The kind of passion and dominance that a woman like these displays. It can be seen as an attractive quality that some men find very appealing.

An additional benefit that a guy may focus on, is that a woman like this can push a man to be a better version of himself. As the saying goes, pressure creates diamonds. High expectations might encourage a certain type of man to work harder in whichever areas he needs to improve. The call for him to advance his career, perform better in bed, improve his emotional intelligence. And overall achieve a higher quality as a partner might actually stimulate him to live up to the woman’s standard.


Unhappy Relationship


The potential down side to this is that the pressure can put a lot of strain on the relationship. And it can quickly turn ugly. If something goes wrong, neither party will be happy, as the man will feel like a failure and the woman will be disappointed due to her own presumptions. Women with this type of approach are not very accepting, so the man who dates her is constantly going to feel like he’s not good enough. Low tolerance levels don’t leave much room for mistakes. Here’s another article you may find to be interesting.


Looking For Perfect Love


It makes so much more sense to find someone who is down to earth and can be adaptive and understanding in a relationship. It might be a lot more harmonious to be with someone who appreciates you for who you are and who only wants you to be happy. This kind of support and acceptance makes a person feel like they can achieve anything. You’re willing to reach for higher goals in these circumstances because you know it’s okay if you fail and you will still be loved.


This is how I think a strong relationship should function. But everyone is unique and different dynamics are more appropriate for different individuals. Dating a woman with high expectations will probably be a lot of work, but if that’s something that you’re interested in then you must do whatever works for you.


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