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How To Get Away From Your Compulsive Liar Partner

How To Get Away From Your Partner When You Know That He’s A Compulsive Liar?

You catch your boyfriend in a lie and it hurts. Sadness, shock, resentment, anger, and disappointment.

These are just the initial bad feelings. Lying can destroy a relationship. When you’ve caught someone in lies, it’s natural to doubt almost everything they say. And when that someone happens to be your spouse, the sense of betrayal is even more profound. If you’re in such a situation, you must run for your life. Leave that guy and look for a better option. But there is a strategy to do all that.

Avoid blaming yourself for your boyfriend’s lies

Your boyfriend is responsible for his behavior and you should never take responsibility for his behavior. When you’re in an adult mature relationship, you are supposed to take responsibility for your own actions. You should never feel that you are responsible for his choices but your boyfriend should be willing to take the blame for his lies. Such an approach will help you to get rid of this compulsive liar.

Confront with openness and honesty

You can simply demand your boyfriend to stop lying. Besides, you can’t control the ability of this compulsive liar to lie or his desire to lie to you. Confronting him clearly and calmly will ensure you control how things move on between you two. Instead of confronting him directly, you can ask him that there is something wrong or you think there is a misconception. Let him give his response. It will also provide you with an opportunity to identify how honest and open your boyfriend is with you. Also, you can leave him with a clear mind without any regrets.

Assess the situation and context

A lie is never told in pure isolation. Your compulsive liar has a reason behind all of his lies. However, he’s never going to accept that. You must consider the circumstances, why he is lying to you? It will help you to evaluate your situation. Furthermore, it will help you to make a final decision if it’s for you to part your ways.

Evaluate how the lies are affecting your relationship

Now it’s time to step back and make an analysis. Evaluate how the lies are affecting your relationship. It may be a clear sign that your boyfriend is not sincere with you. He may give several reasons for his lies but when you’ll analyze them, you’ll find all of them as ‘false claims.’

It’s time to exit

Keep in mind the fact that you can’t completely change the personality of a compulsive liar. You’re not sure about your future. You’ve tried all the things to keep your relationship alive but your partner always betrayed you. You can’t bear his lies anymore. You can’t allow him to play with your feelings and emotions. So it’s the time to say him goodbye and look for a better person. So why not give a try? Here you’ll find thousands of sincere and loving people from all over the world. So register at now and hopefully, you will a man of your dreams.

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