How To Get Over Your Girlfriend

It’s not easy. It can be one of the hardest periods in your life. You’ve just found that level of emotional security and now it’s gone.

Emotional security- wow, we all crave for it and when we are left on our own we suffer. A lot!

NUMBER ONE: Cry it out until you’re exhausted.

Take a few days off from work, school or whatever you are working on. It can wait. What can’t wait is your recovery from the shock of loss. Take all the photos, letters, messages, etc. of her and read them again. Read them aloud so that you can forget them easier. It’s one of the tricks the science has just revealed.

Look at the photos of the two of you. Cry it out again. You must go through this ordeal again. You must experience pleasant, unpleasant, bad and, appreciative feelings.  It’s your laxative for heart and soul constipation.

NUMBER TWO: Four stages to achieving calmness

After the initial shock, you will inevitably face these 4 stages: denial-the worst one, rationalization- the most emotional one, anger, and acceptance. Personally, I’ve never ever accepted the fact I was left to myself and my obsessive, disturbing and intrusive thoughts. I invested all my efforts to simply forgive his name, surname, date of birth….

Maybe you will never get over it, but it’ll get over you. Believe me

NUMBER THREE: Imagine that the two of you have never met.

Please, just try to imagine that. The power of your brain is tremendous. You must destroy this palace of memory in the same way you built it. Erase that stockroom step by step. Begin with the freshest memories and then go back in the past. From your last lovemaking to your first kiss. Imagine it for hundred times. Contemplate it. Then ask yourself: “Are all these stuff only in my imagination?” The answer is- Yes, they are. “Can they actually hurt me after repeating it for thousand times? No, they can’t. They are not alive. They don’t even exist anymore. They are only in your head. Only in your head!

NUMBER FOUR: Ask yourself: “What is the worst thing that can happen to me after a breakup?”

Feeling of loneliness, insignificance, betrayal?

Just think about it for a second and ask yourself: “Have I lost any part of my body? Have I lost my mind? Have I lost” my heart? No, you haven’t. You still have all the attributes to conquer someone else’s heart. It’s true. Sooner or later someone will replace that girl and you will hardly remember her face. Her lips. Her smell. Believe me, I went through it all.

NUMBER FIVE: Don’t answer her calls.

Block her from your phone and all social media. Write down her number on a piece of paper, just in case.

Well, now I should recommend some exercising, long river walks, long conversations with your loved ones or with God but you know that it all depends on you and your preferences.

You know that we are all different and these differences confuse us often and bring our relationship to an end. But it’s hard to hear:” IT’S ALL FOLKS” because your life is not a cartoon. Your life is real and worth of living and you certainly don’t have time to lose.

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