Indecisive Relationship


When you are in a relationship, there are going to be many important decisions to be made, between you and your partner. A true and strong relationship will lead to these decisions being made together and you both sharing your views and opinions before coming to a final decision. However, some people find it hard to be decisive with anything in their life and are also indecisive in their relationship, allowing their partner to take control. If you let your partner make all the decisions early on in your relationship, then how will you make decisions when you are married? Here we will take a look at some of the struggles which face indecisive people in a relationship.


Dating is the first step towards having a serious relationship but, when you are an indecisive person, even things as simple as going on a date can be difficult, as you spend the whole time trying to figure out what he is thinking, while also trying to figure out what you think. It doesn’t help that you are always changing your mind on what it actually is that you desire from that perfect partner. One minute your date might feel like it is going great but then you will see it all falling apart, all due to your constant changes.


Being indecisive about dating means that you can never decide what you actually want from a date. If you are going for dinner you cannot choose where you should go to eat. Then once you are there, it takes you forever to make up your mind about what to choose from the menu. This constant battle is going to result in you not paying full attention to your actual date and the conversation, which is unlikely to lead to you getting a second date, leaving you with that feeling of being alone forever.


Fortunately, though, you have it within yourself to stop being so indecisive all the time but it is going to take time, patience and practice. You need to find the best possible way for you to stop being so over analytical about everything. Instead, try to just let things happen and go with the flow. Believe in yourself, know yourself and trust your gut. Whatever your initial reaction is, just go without and don’t question it. Be proactive about situations and take control, making things happen and doing the things you really want to do, rather than second guessing yourself all the time.


It is never going to be easy to stop being so indecisive all the time but, if you want to find your one true love and have a long and happy relationship with a future partner, then you are going to have to try to put some of these methods in action, before you push them away. You can make the change, it will just take a little time.

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