How To Get Through A Rough Patch In A Relationship

If you have been in a long-term relationship with a partner for a certain amount of time, rough patches are bound to happen. It’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is doomed. Through persistence and patience, you can set your relationship back on the right track and restore it to its past glory. And don’t worry, even the most successful marriages experience a rough patch at least once.


What does a rough patch feel like?

A rough patch can be the result of a negative event like deceit, manipulation, fighting, conflicts, etc. It can follow up these events as a necessary cool-off period from the intense emotions.

However, a rough patch can hit a couple “out of nowhere” as well. It can be a result of monotony, comfort, boredom, a desire to change something…

The most important rule is to recognize that what you’re going through is a rough patch and not the end of your relationship. If both partners are willing to put in work into making their relationship work again, the rough patch will end.


How long does a rough patch in a relationship last?

Rough patches, depending on the cause and the emotions of partners, can last anywhere from weeks to years. No matter the amount of time, it’s important to remain patient and loving. Don’t try to rush this period or force your relationship into happiness, because the process of getting out of a rough patch has to happen naturally.


  1. Remind Yourself of Your Memories with Your Partner

Even though it’s usually recommended to stay focused on the present moment, in this case, letting your nostalgia overcome may be beneficial.

Try an exercise with your partner: each of you should get a piece of paper and list 5 of your favorite memories. After you’ve written them down, read them to each other out loud. You will likely have a good laugh and reconnect through your great memories.


  1. Focus on What You Love about Your Partner

Another useful exercise is to sit down with your partner, each having a piece of paper. You should each write down the top 5 things you love about each other. When you’re down, read them out loud. You’ll have a confidence boost from your partner’s compliments and do the same for them. Also, you might rekindle your connection, even if just a bit.


  1. Remember That it Will Pass

If you’ve already talked to family or friends about rough patches in relationships, you probably heard that almost everyone has experienced a rough patch now and then, and is in a happy relationship now. This is the most important thing to remember while going through a rough patch: it’s temporary and it’s not the new form of your relationship. Also, remind yourself that what you’re going through is normal and that it’s neither your fault nor your partner’s.

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