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Social Media: Things to Avoid After Being in a Committed Relationship


We all are well aware of the different movements and actions, which should be clearly avoided on social media when you are in a committed relationship. Social media could be a sensitive place to ruin and destroy your relationship. It is extremely important to get acknowledge of different issues, which should always be avoided on social media.

We have compiled and described some of the issues below:


  1. Commenting and Liking Posts of Ex-lovers

If you are trying to avoid an intense, conflicted session with your partner, then stay away from liking your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend’s posts on social media. It could be a clear sign of disrespect and lack of faithfulness to your partner. Even if your partner is cool about these issues, their extended family members could trigger feelings of jealousy between you both.


  1. Never Argue in Your Social Media Post

People do not think rationally during angry and conflicted moments. You should never write how angry you are with your partner. Your anger might go away within a few minutes; however, the post will stay there, and you will spread your family matters to the world. Besides, someone seeing your post might fuel up the situation. You should always keep your problems away from social media and discuss them face to face. You can also contact for their relationship advice.


  1. Keep Things Private between You Both

You should always enjoy intimate movements between you both instead of posting them to social media. Your ex might be looking over your posts to find the recent updates of your life. It is not ideal for sharing your intimate details with the rest of the world on social media. You should be aware of the fact that you are presenting your ideas in front of the whole world and it is never a better option to get into those things which can create serious problems for you. So, never take the risk to share your private life with others.

Remember, social media is a platform that you should use only for personal purposes as far as it is concerned with your own account. It should not be a place to share your inner feeling and secrets with the world.


  1. Do not Post Rude Stuff for Your Spouse

It could be a terrible choice to tag your partner in posts like ‘need to exercise’ or commenting rude about them. This could be a disaster to ruin your happy relationship. Men are sensitive concerning their egos. Posting stuff like this hurt their sentiments and ego in front of family and friends. You should act like an adult and try to speak about your issues in person.


  1. Do not Speak Negative about In-laws

You might not be interested in starting a never-ending fight with your spouse. You should not discuss things that you do not like about your in-laws with your friends over commenting on Facebook. Remember, your partner loves his family, and your respect and care to his family will win his heart towards you. However, you can sign up for free at and get the perfect relationship advice in staying happy and enjoying a contented relationship.

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