How to Handle the Ghosts of Dating

How to Handle the Ghosts of Dating

The so-called ghosts of dating, or zombies of dating, are people that you’ve dated for a certain amount of time and then they just vanished

No explanation, no conversation, not even a text. They simply fade away from your life and it’s like they were never there.

Getting ghosted can be a real ego hit and quite hard to handle. So, what to do next time you come across a ghost of dating?

  1. Check for Red Flags

More often than not, you can notice some specific signs. These signs will help you find out if your guy is a ghost or not. For example, players who are promiscuous and buzz from one casual fling to another are frequent ghosts. Also, if you met your new boo on a sex app, you pretty much know what’s the deal. So, next time you meet a new guy, keep an eye out for some ghost-ability signs.

  1. Don’t Let Them Back into Your Life

If you guy ghosts you and then contacts you months later, do not let them back into your life. Whatever type of relationship you’re looking for with this guy. There is absolutely no potential, not even for good ol’ fun or casual sex. This ghost has hurt your ego in the past and you won’t get anywhere by letting him near you again. If you think taking him back will restore your shattered confidence, just imagine being ghosted again.

  1. Confront Them

This can be quite hard and demanding, as most people who are dating are simply too scared and insecure to confront their ghosts to find out what had happened. If you want to learn from your mistake and actually find out what happened, ask them. This input could give you either a valuable lesson for the future or shatter some of your delusions as to why you were ghosted. Anyway, it can serve as a useful reality check, but don’t use this opportunity to get back with them.

  1. Move On and Let Them Go

After days or weeks of wondering what’s wrong with you and what the hell you did wrong on each of your dates, it’s time to sail into the acceptance phase. This is where you simply realize that you don’t actually care about that person that much, but you’re lingering on these thoughts because your ego got hurt. Believe it or not, it’s possible to quickly move on after someone ghosts you.

Ghosting is just one of the horrible aspects of modern dating culture. If you experienced this type of treatment before and it left you wondering if you will ever find your soul mate, the answer is yes. Sign up at, a marriage-matchmaking website that connects like-minded, serious and reliable potential partners.

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