Signs To Predict The Magic Moment of Kissing a Girl

Signs To Predict The Magic Moment of Kissing a Girl

Researches point out that more than 90% of all people remember the details of their first kiss and a first romantic kiss is going be embedded in our memory forever


Predicting the magic moment of kissing a girl is a somewhat tricky phenomenon.  Love alone can be scary, not to mention the first kiss in any relationship. You have to watch for signs, be patient not to misinterpret some.

No, wonder we are making such a big deal out of a kiss. It seems as if it’s all about calculating and math not love.

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Luckily the green flag signs are more than obvious so you can be sure it’s time to kiss a girl.


The first date is setting a scene for a kiss

The first date is usually a setting scene for a first kiss. I don’t want to say it’s a must, you can kiss a girl after a 10th date as well, but this one is concerned with all the important issues leading to the first kiss.

Looks, chemistry, drama, body language, and even body temperature plays a role when it comes to the first kiss. We are all scared to death not to make idiots of ourselves and sometimes we spent more time rehearsing a reaction if we don’t do it right than if we do it perfect.


Never rush to kiss early

Never kiss a girl too early or even too late during the date. Even if a kiss was unforgettable she may feel awkward and disappointed. She would rather wait for some special moment and silence like when you walk her home.

   Follow the signs:
  • Look at her nose. If the mood is right it should flare out a bit. It’s a sign that she feels excited. You can now try kissing a  girl
  • Try to analyze her touch. If a girl is touching you unnecessarily she is probably into you and it’s a flirtatious gesture to show that it’s just the right time for a kiss. This gesture will tell you it’s the time for kissing a girl.
  • Look at her lips and if she’s prepping them in a way by biting or licking them nervously she definitely wants to be kissed.
  • Look at her eyes just to ensure that she is giving you a serious eye contact as a sign of wanting to be kissed. Moreover, she will be concentrated on you, not looking all over the place. Apart from giving you good eye contact, she will casually look down at your lips. If she does it multiple times she wants you to kiss her.
  • Before the romantic act moves a bit closer to the point where you almost share the same personal bubble and than move it back a bit.

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By engaging in this easy but escalating contact you get to constantly test the waters- it might begin with scooching closer and closer or trying to put your arm around her in the way she likes it. If she doesn’t seem surprised or uncomfortable with your movements or if she lets down her defenses around you she is ready for the kiss.

Remember, the first kiss is not one and only indicator of your relationship. You can always do it better.

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