How to Intimidate a Man

Men usually say they like pretty ladies, but when push comes to shove, most of them feel intimidated by women. Whenever a guy encounters a girl superior to him, he feels intimated. Men get intimated by both the physical and attitudinal aspects of ladies. Most of the time, ladies intimidate men unconsciously. However, some females do it on a purpose. Here are a few things that you can do to intimidate a guy.

Look stylish

Who doesn’t love to date a stylish woman? But some may feel intimated by a stylish lady. They think that they can’t match them. In fact, style presents status and man may perceive that the lady has a higher status than them. You might have noticed that only a guy with style approaches a lady with style. He is confident to talk to that lady.

Power dressing for a date

A great outfit on your date can make the guy feel out of place and uncomfortable. If you’re a working woman, never go to date straight out of the office. First, go to your home and wear something more attractive, appealing and feminine. It will also boost your confidence.

Look unapproachable

You need to check your body language. Make sure that the way you carry yourself, the way you stand and hold yourself is not telling men to go away. You’ll surely intimidate men if you adopt an aggressive looking stance and a masculine look. For instance, if you stand with your arms folded across your chest, you seem like you don’t want to talk to anybody.

Look pretty

Beauty can intimidate a guy. Men hesitate to approach such women because they’re unsure whether they can get her or not. Now a day, you can wear heavy makeup to look amazingly pretty. The more the beautiful you are, the more intimidating you are.

Being ambitious and having big dreams

Successful women love to have a full and diverse life. They don’t want to be only stay-at-home moms or housewives. They’re imaginary and always look for unconventional and unique things in their lives. Men usually get intimidated by such ladies. They’re afraid because they think they can’t handle a lady of such a free-spirited nature.

Being intelligent

If you’re intelligent, you can easily intimidate a man. He’ll surely get intimidated if he feels you’re smarter than him. It’s true for men with lower I.Q levels. Being intelligent is not only being educated or sharp. You must have a good how to know about the daily matters of life and how you’ll progress in life.

Being busy

Imagine a lady who’s always busy and never stays idle. Such women just concentrate on their future and don’t bother about relationships. The only message she sends is that she is not free at all. In such a situation, a successful and confident individual can get intimidated.

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