Keep Your Partner’s Interest Alive in You

How To Keep Your Partner’s Interest Alive in You

While it is wonderful to feel safe and relaxed around your partner, you’re not the only fish in the sea


If you are eager to keep your partner’s interest alive? save your relationship from boredom. Getting stuck in rut will kill the spark.

Boredom leaves the door wide open for excitement and interest to enter in other ways. Keep your partner guessing by constantly growing as a person and cultivating your skills and hobbies.

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Following are some of the tips you can try to keep your partner’s interest alive.



One of the biggest killers of romance and relationships is boredom. All too often one or both partners fall into a comfortable pattern that feels safe, but isn’t exciting or interesting in any way. By getting stuck in a rut you run the risk of a dull and mundane relationship.

Your partner will love to see you happy and enjoying life because you can share your excitement and enthusiasm with them. Positive emotions are always enticing and interesting.

As well as taking care of yourself, be sure to spend time thinking of new ideas to have fun with your beloved. You should be doing something enjoyable and new at least once a week to keep things fresh and interesting. This applies to the bedroom as well.


The Criticism to Compliment Ratio

Nothing kills the mood faster than an imbalanced criticism to compliment ratio. Too much criticism in a relationship is unhealthy and will make your partner feel unloved, unwanted and unappreciated. Make an effort to become conscious of your words by continuously reflecting on what you say.

The ideal balance of criticism to compliments states that 5 compliments to every 1 criticism.  To keep the good times flowing, be sure to express your appreciation for all that you love about your partner at every opportunity. If your partner knows that you often praise them, they will see you as more interesting than they would you might criticize them.

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Manage Your Emotions

Some people never learn to take control of their emotions, and as a result, they end up dumping them on everybody else. When you are in a relationship with such a person, it can be draining to experience the constant rollercoaster of drama. Emotional vampires are the exact opposite of interesting. You need to control your emotions if you want to Keep Your Partner’s Interest.

It is nobody’s responsibility but your own to process and deal with your emotions. Mindfulness is an extremely powerful practice that helps you identify and accept emotions as they come and go. There are a number of healthy, mindful ways to deal with unwanted feelings such as journaling, exercise, and meditation.

So many people struggle with suppressing their feelings and then they emerge in unhealthy and socially unacceptable ways. Instead of bottling up your emotions, learn to express what you are going through with an even tone and temperament. Opening up about your feelings will bring you closer to your loved one and act as a release. Being open and honest with your partner will make them feel needed and keep them interested in you and your life.

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