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How to Lead Someone on & Why You Should Not


The desire of feeling likable and attractive among others is the primary reason for leading someone on. People lead someone on with some known and unknown ways. It is important to understand how leading someone on affects another person’s feelings. And why you should not lead someone that you do not have any interest. You might be leading someone on by initiating some frequent touching.


However, this touching might not be sexual, but it could give the sign that you are interested in them. You should never touch someone because it might deliver the wrong message. And it can hurt his or her feelings in the long run. It is a good gesture that you’re willing to lead your life with him or her.




People often lead others on by frequently complimenting them. This could be a sign that you are paying closer attention to their actions, and your motivation in doing so requires something in return. It is recommended if you are true in all that you say, and there are some positive emotions behind having good words for someone. The wrong leading on of a person can hurt their sentiments and self-esteem, which could disturb their emotional well-being as well.




Utilization of a misleading language could be another factor in leading other people on. People often utilize manipulative ways to describe their feelings and misleading the thoughts of their partner. This behavior is highly unethical in its approach; a person might be talking about their ex-partner, while they are referring the situation to their current partner.


Trust Issues


People could lead someone on by telling that they will be ending their relationship soon, while they are still committed to their current relations. This often raises trust issues and hurt the emotions of the associated people. You should never be leading someone on when you do not intend to fulfill your promises. Stay intact to what you say and never jump boats only for your own benefits. It will make you a reliable person in the eyes of others, and your partner will also feel secure in the relationship.


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