Mourning Period

Mourning Period & Dating: Reenter the World


Losing a loved one is a tragic event and not one that a person gets over quickly. The death of a husband or wife can put your life on hold for months or even years. But how long is the mourning period? And when can you reenter the dating scene?


Grieving a Spouse

The grieving process varies for every person and there is no standard mourning period. Some cultures and religions give guidelines for grieving and require certain rituals to be completed before continuing with your life.


Time heals all wounds and grief will pass with time. Spend time on each of the following things to grieve the loss of your spouse:

  • Accepting the person’s death is not easy and it may feel like a dream at times.
  • Say goodbye to your spouse in a way that works for you
  • Do not rush any decisions about moving on
  • Share memories of your spouse with friends and family members
  • Believe that what you are feeling will pass
  • Spend time on your own and exploring solitude, simply being happy with yourself
  • Make a point of meeting new friends or starting a hobby
  • Laugh, rejoice and give your time to a good cause


The Dating Decision

Making the decision to start dating should not be done lightly. You need to consider if you are ready to start dating again and carefully decide what you want from the situation. Release yourself from any guilt that you may feel regarding moving on with your life. Your deceased spouse will want you to be happy. Tell your family about your decision to start dating again; they might need some time to process your decision. Hesitation from family and friends should be expected; listen to their concerns but do not let it change your mind.

Getting out there will be the next step to take. Ask friends to introduce you to new people and start going to events. This is the perfect time to start a new hobby and meet other like-minded people. Open a profile on an online dating platform. It is a safe space to meet new people and you can easily tell potential dates that you are a widow. Do not rush into any meetings but take time to get to know the other person. Getting ready for a date may not be as easy as you remember. Spend some time on your expectations and make them clear to your date ahead of time. Looking your best will be a confidence booster so invest time in choosing the perfect outfit.


Moving on after the death of your spouse cannot be rushed and will take time to process all your emotions. There is no shame in taking longer to reenter the dating scene. Once you are ready, make an effort to try new things and meet interesting people. You might just find a loving partner to complete the rest of the days of your life.


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