How To Make A Relationship Lead To Marriage

How To Make A Relationship Lead To Marriage

Having your relationship lead to marriage is something that you must be willing to put the time and effort into


Let’s set the record straight once and for all. There is no exact science or sure-fire way to make a relationship lead to an everlasting connection – there I said it. But, and yes, there is a but; there are things you can do to improve your odds of your relationship leading to that big walk down the aisle.


Grow Up

 Your partner needs you to be emotional support for them, and vice versa. If you are emotionally immature it will be very difficult for you to be what your partner needs to be.

There are many serious issues that come up during the course of a marriage, and they require levelheaded adults working together in order to solve or tackle these issues or problems.

Before you get married, your partner needs to know that you have their back, and they don’t have to carry you, on top of everything else. If you feel like you need help in this area, a licensed professional such as a counselor or therapist can help you work to grow and mature.


Conflict Is A Chance For Growth

Not all conflict in a relationship is bad. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to extend yourself in a way that you haven’t before. During the conflict, you are forced to compromise and find solutions together. So don’t feel the need to shy away from a fight because it’s uncomfortable. Uncomfortable feelings push us beyond our everyday norm, and train us for what is to come in the future.


Communicate Effectively

Express yourself. Communicate your boundaries, and don’t hold in things that are important to you. Your partner cannot read your mind, so don’t expect them to. They deserve to know how you feel, as you deserve to be heard. Communication is the key to the longevity of every relationship, so keep it going. Like conflict, don’t shy away from difficult tasks, or things you are unhappy about. You both will be better for it.


Practice Forgiveness

 This is always one that gets a few eye rolls or groans when I mention it. It’s not some new wave, hippy advice – it’s a great tool for overcoming a lot of inevitable conflicts. When we hold on to grudges or anger, it festers and it can become toxic. It’s important we learn to let that go for the health of yourself and your relationship.


Patience Is Key

If your only goal is to get married at all costs, you’re going about it the wrong way. Ultimatums to get someone to marry you, never work.

You both may feel resentment from giving one, and who wants to start a marriage that way? Also, when we have the patience for our significant other, we can receive them in a healthier manner. We won’t have knee-jerk reactions to them, and we won’t be quick to a fight or judge.

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