What Does it Feel Like When You Switch From Cheater to a Loyal Man

What does it Feel Like When You Switch From Cheater to a Loyal Man

Being cheated on is one of the worst emotional wounds you can experience. Not only does it hurt your trust in the person you once thought of as reliable, but it also scars you for all future relationships


You are now with a loyal man. But after you’ve been in a relationship with a cheater, every following relationship can be quite hard and emotionally exhausting. Even if you’re not a jealous person by nature, you might find yourself replaying the trauma that you experienced with your previous partner.

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So, what will it feel like once you finally switch to a relationship with a loyal man?

  1. You might feel it’s all too good to be true

When you’re dating someone loyal after being with a cheater for a long time, his reliability and trustworthiness can make it seem like your relationship is too good to be true. After all, something has to be wrong, right? Your ex cheater has thought you that you can never fully trust the good state of a relationship and always be on the lookout for your SO’s next affair.

That’s where you’re wrong, due to your trauma from the past. Being with someone who is faithful to you is not too good to be true, it’s normal. It’s just that you’ve gotten used to such bad treatment that you’re now seeing normal romantic behavior as something precious.

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  1. You slowly start feeling more secure

After you’ve been cheated on, it’s going to take a while before you open up to someone again. After all, you’ve got your heartbroken and it’s natural to try to be more careful next time.

When you start dating someone faithful, you’ll slowly feel your walls coming down. Even though you still feel the trauma and hurt from your previous relationship, you will start to feel that they are fading away.

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After a while, when you go through the healing process, you will be able to trust your new partner and a loyal man completely again.


  1. You finally understand real love and relationships

If you were confused before about the dynamics of a ‘normal’ relationship and you found it hard to find your way around complicated human relations, it might have been the fact that you were in a relationship with a cheater.

When you start dating someone trustworthy after all that troubles and hurt, you finally realize what it’s all about. You will start seeing the true value of intimacy and mutual trust and respect.

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No one deserves to be with a cheater. No matter how hurt or traumatized you may be by your partner’s cheating incident, there is always time to turn it all around and find real love with a faithful man. If you want to start looking for a loyal man? just join GoMarry. We are a marriage matchmaking community where you can meet amazing men who will be faithful to you in marriage. Get ready to set yourself free from all the hurt, betrayal, and toxic relationships.


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