How to Spice Up a Stale Marriage

Over time one would think that marriage would become easier. Life does become quite routine but keeping the marriage going gets more difficult. We grow more comfortable with our partner but getting too comfortable can lead to boredom. Boredom in a marriage can be potentially dangerous as it can lead to infidelity. Is a marriage doomed if it has gone a bit stale? The answer is no, definitely not. Couples can save their relationship and it often does not require counseling or therapy


To begin the process, the individual should work on themselves. If there are issues with their emotions, depression or other affliction try to get those sorted. Do a mental inventory of why you feel the marriage has lost its spark and see if any of that feeling could be connected with your own personal issues. At very least you can clear your mind and have a good place to begin the work of rebuilding your relationship.


Date nights are a good plan. If you and your partner don’t already have a date night then start. If your date nights are the same thing every week then perhaps change them. If its pizza and a movie each time then perhaps switch gears. Try attending a performance or taking a walk. Attending different events will help raise the interest level and kick start those mundane date nights.


Try being spontaneous. Before just dropping in unannounced at your partner’s workplace, first, make a schedule of each other’s free time. The last thing you want is to interrupt an important meeting with a romantic love gesture. However, once a schedule is created, use those hours to try and make some surprises.  Lunch dates, flowers, romantic walks or anything your partner might enjoy will help keep the excitement alive.


Spice things up in the bedroom. This doesn’t mean you have to resort to crazy antics unless of course, you both wish to. But couples need a sexual connection and open lines of communication on the subject. Boring date nights get a relationship nowhere so a boring sex life can do damage. Talk to each other about new things you may like to try and keep it interesting.


Learn new things. If you think back to what drew you and your partner together, in the beginning, it was likely a like interest in something. Keep up to date with things and discuss topics the 2 of you might be interested in. Even if you have been married for decades there are bound to be things you don’t know. Exploring each other can be a whole new journey to finding that person interesting and attractive once again.


Finally, each person must have their own life. Develop your own interests and explore those. Couples do not have to do everything together. Some time apart can also be healthy. However, if all your efforts bring no results, then sign up to and find a new, like-minded partner.

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