Dress Like A Woman – Think Like A Man

We have all seen plenty of articles about the idea of acting like a lady but thinking like a man to be a truly empowered woman. I am here to tell you; you already are an empowered woman and “thinking like a man” is no different to thinking like anybody other than who you are. So, in this article, we are going to explore how to embrace being you and how to be the best version of you.

Be that strong, independent woman who knows her own mind. Thinking like anyone but yourself can never last. You will slip up and you will forget who you really are. You need to learn to love who you are and accept all your beautiful foibles as part of you. Once you do this, you won’t want to think like anybody else. Once you learn to love yourself, you can then begin to learn how to love others. Other tips on learning to love yourself can be found in this article about How To Feel Sexy and this article titled Make Every Man Want You

If you read books on female empowerment, they will often tell you to embrace your inner Y chromosome – you don’t have one so stop looking for it. Men are perceived in society as a powerful gender who knows what they want and goes out and gets it. Let’s prove society wrong, women can be equally powerful when they choose. Use your female powers to your advantage, rather than taking tips from male-authored books about being more masculine. You don’t need to act like a man to be the dominant person in a room. Be the powerful goddess you already are.

If your job role requires you to prove your worth in a male-dominated field, outsmart the lot of them by showing up and being better than all of them in your own way. Do not try to fit in. You will fail. If you are a female who has been accepted for a role in a male-dominated department or role or organization, well you did something right to get there. Your talent and your brain have served you well already, why to start deceiving them?! You were not employed as the rare female hire to then start acting like all the other people in your team. You were hired based on your knowledge and your skills in that particular field, so use that to your advantage.

Overall, this article merely about tells you that you are enough just the way you are. And if you don’t feel enough, work on things that will help you get there. Work on your own goals that will feed your female power, build up your own knowledge and skills to help you feel like you are as almighty as we think you are! We develop and learn every single day; just make sure you are developing and learning to be even more YOU.

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