How to Spot a Con Man

Con Man: How to Spot One

Con man cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true. Trust and loyalty are the most valuable currencies these days


It’s rare to find someone who you can truly believe in true love. It’s not fun to live life constantly guarded around everyone you meet, but being naïve isn’t the best move either.


There’s both an upside and a downside to giving people the benefit of the doubt. On the plus side, you live life in a much more peaceful state. Not having to continuously keep an eye out for those who wish to take advantage of you, is a more stress-free way of going about your day.


Why Be Watchful About Con Man

There’s no relentless second-guessing, and you don’t question the motives of every person you encounter. You remain blissfully ignorant of the harshness of so many people.

Unfortunately, the downside to this is that you’re a lot more susceptible to the hidden agendas of those who wouldn’t flinch at the chance to get what they want from you.

For women this even worse because men are undoubtedly the more deceitful gender.


The sad truth about  con men is that they have one thing on their mind. It’s a stereotype for a reason.

A man’s brain is driven by sex. Men are biologically programmed to spread their seed. A lot of guys would say anything to get a woman to sleep with them.


Con Man Will Tell You Everything You Want to Hear

A con man will tell you everything you want to hear to make it seem like he’s a decent guy, just so he can get into your pants.

The difficult part is that con men have become so good at playing this role that it’s hard to tell when you meet someone genuine.

Con man pretends to be the good-hearted and innocent guy who is only interested in serious relationships. He claims to know what all a woman wants.

They’ve learned to lie and manipulate so efficiently that they’re almost indistinguishable from the real thing.


Most women are already aware of this. But for those aren’t, it’s something you need to look out for. Don’t be afraid to make a guy wait a good few months before you sleep with him. Make him show you that he’s committed and willing to put in the effort to be with you because he actually likes you for more than just your body.

Many of these types of men are used to having to go through long trial periods before they get their way, and they have no problem hanging around until they reach that point.

What to Do If You Encounter a Con Man

If you’ve been careful enough with this process, what should you do once you’ve identified this kind of guy?

The most common and impulsive choice would be to simply kick him out of your life. Make sure he knows never to contact you again. But I think guys like this need to be taught a lesson.

Do your best to expose him for what he is. Let all your friends know who he is and whatever hare-brained scheme he tried to pull with you.

Unmask him so that no other women have the misfortune of falling for his narcissistic and immature actions. Skip the drama and sign up with to find someone genuine.

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