What are the Hardships to Face in a Committed Relationship

What Are The Hardships to Face in a Committed Relationship

Being in a committed relationship with someone you love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. However, it’s not always all sunshine and rainbows


Just like all other human relationships, romantically committed relationships face their hardships as well. For some people, facing these hardships can be a reason to end a long marriage. For others, it may be a challenging time that the couple survives and comes out on the other side even stronger. It’s all a matter of perspective, working together and deciding that you want to be in a committed relationship.

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What are the hardships that usually happen in a long-term relationship or marriage?

Rough Patches

Relationships, just like everything else in nature, have a dual and cyclical pattern. That’s why it’s very common for all relationships to experience a rough patch after some time.

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The cause for this may be a number of factors: emotional betrayal, disinterest, depression, affairs… When a marriage hits a rough patch, many people sail through it, but a lot of people get divorced as well. This is why it’s crucial to realize that the nature of rough patches is temporary and that they will pass thanks to the common efforts of you and your spouse.



The more you feel connected to someone, the more vulnerable and open to hurt you are. This means that you may start to feel jealous in a committed relationship. After all, you’re giving your heart and soul to your beloved partner. Even thinking about potential scenarios of affairs and betrayal gives you a lot of hurt and negative emotions.

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Unfortunately, jealousy is a common ingredient of most adult relationships. It’s important to learn how to manage it properly so that it doesn’t become destructive to your behavior and relationship.


Monotony and Boredom

Although it sounds benign, being bored in a marriage or relationship is also one of the biggest reasons people get a divorce. After a while, two people committed to each other simply get bored with each other. This is normal and it shouldn’t be that big of a problem, but it has detrimental effects: it leads to a lack of communication, less sex, less intimacy, and connection… Ultimately, a simple problem like monotony can spiral out of control and completely shatter your relationship.



After a while, persons in a committed relationship will start second-guessing whether they’re with the right person, whether the timing is right, whether they made all the right decisions… This happens in all areas of life, not just in relationships.

When you catch a bad case of relationship second-guessing, it’s important not to let it become your new obsession. Realize that these nagging thoughts are just your mind looking for novelty and distraction and focus on your partner instead.

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