How To Stop Feeling Desperate

How To Stop Feeling Desperate

Your exes are your exes and they have nothing to do with your present reality. Don’t stay haunted, move on and have a life ahead



Feeling desperate to forget the past and seeking changes in the future? Just like a kid, pay no attention to your past. It will not define your future unless you go for it. If you are scared of getting hurt again it’s ok. If you are intimidated by a thought that you’ll never find your soul-mate it’s also ok.

What is not ok is to look at these fears as permanent. If you do it will make you feel stuck in your life- the worst emotion ever.

Let’s find out how to stop feeling desperate.


Ignore The Harshness Of Reality For a While

 However painful your last breakup was it shouldn’t influence your next relationship.

The best way to deal with it is to tell your prospective partner how you feel, right from the start and straight to the point. No lies. If you were betrayed, bullied, manipulated or left in the past you should say so. They are not mind readers.

There’s nothing worse than being misinformed at the very beginning. Remember that your partner will act upon how you’ve explained yourself and your experiences not upon your silence. If he can’t understand you he’s not for you. Move forward bravely without being hurt but never give them the impression that you are feeling desperate.


Do Something You Will Feel Proud About

A feeling of pride lasts for a long time and that’s why it’s good to do something that will infiltrate this feeling in your everyday behavior. Feeling proud of your little achievements will make you stronger and more confident. You don’t have to be confident for him but for yourself.

Be what you are and feel good about yourself.  Be sure what your expectations are. If you are not sure of yourself, your future match can be exactly the same and I don’t see anything wrong in it.

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 Talk to Professionals

 It’s ok to talk with your friends but sometimes the unrelenting chatter in your mind and restlessness of your heart need a professional approach. The sooner, the better. Cry it out, don’t try to forget the sudden pain, ask for advice.  You can even go to and seek fruitful relationship pieces of advice.


Get Your Social Life Back

It’s really the hardest one you have to deal with. You have to get up and get yourself ready for new beginnings in spite of feeling desperate.

I know it may sound weird but when I’m in such a condition washing my hear is a victory. Well! I always ask my dearest one to help me to make myself inspired.

I talk to them and ask them to take me seriously. It always helps because a man is not an island as we all know but sometimes we do forget about it. Little things like helping you with your clothing choice, hairstyle and makeup can be decisive for your recovery. Bid a bye to your post-breakup loneliness and be social again.

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