Top Tips to Avoid Divorce

Top Tips to Avoid Divorce And Strengthen Your Marriage

The divorce rate is alarmingly increasing in the modern era. It has been said that any partnership can survive with the right amount of respect, consideration, and commitment


A glimpse at global facts and figures surprisingly states that arranged marriages account for more than half of all marriages. This high percentage of arranged marriage does not stop here. Statistically, arranged marriages enjoy a success rate of 93.7% of the time.

Even without the initial romantic interest so commonly sought after in the West, arranged marriages have an extremely high success rate.

How is it that two strangers can end up happily married for a lifetime and what is the secret to their prosperity?

It is thought to provoke to consider the fact that Eastern culture typically expresses love through actions, as opposed to the vocal and romantic gestures commonly found in the West.


Lessons from the East

Arranged marriages witness a lower divorce rate.  Arranged marriages are successful because both partners go into marriage with a strong sense of commitment.

While it is customary in Western culture to date around for a few years before committing. Whereas in an arranged marriage the commitment happens before getting to fully know the person.

This means that the partners are often more open to accepting flaws and working through difficult situations.

Marriage is a top priority and is considered before personal needs and emotions. Another reason for the lower divorce rate in arranged marriages is that here you opt the same approach as you may have toward your job.

Romance is less relevant than a match who fits on the same level socially, culturally and educationally.

These days arranged marriages are not as extreme as they used to be. Generally, the couple will meet a few times before the engagement.

You could name it a date( I would rather call it a marriage meeting) where man and woman are not alone. They have the company of some elder or friend who could help them decide.

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Communication is Key

The number one reason that marriages pave for a divorce, is due to a breakdown in communication.

If you and your partner are passing like ships in the night, it is time to take action and make a few changes before the silence becomes permanent.

Without a solid foundation of daily banter, any couple is doomed to drift apart. Simply start by asking your partner about their day, and listen carefully to their reply.

You need to be on the same page as your partner to keep up with what is happening in their lives. You don’t want to be faced with the awkward situation of learning something new about them in a public setting.

Marriage is about caring for another person’s emotions and experiences.  So simply sharing about your days is a great starting point to getting communication back on track.

By speaking to each other as often as possible.  You will open the door towards addressing any unmet expectations and strengthen the bond of the partnership. Marriage is about “give and take” and finding the right balance is of utmost importance to avoid a divorce.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a major part of any relationship. The ability to talk about uncomfortable situations and to come up with compromises being the key difference between make and break.

If you cannot stand to talk with your partner about their concerns.  They will eventually stop talking to you and silently become more and more unhappy. In this type of situation where you may have mistakenly pushed your partner away.  It leaves a gaping hole in your partner’s heart that needs to be patched up before it is too late.


If you are struggling to listen to your partner’s needs or to get them to hear yours, it can be helpful to seek guidance in the form of a therapist or some friend.

At the end of the day, you need to function as a team and this will mean sacrificing time and energy for the good of the marriage.

For more tips on conflict resolution, read: Fight Fair: Signs to Resolve and Grow Closer ( It is possible to correct a gap in communication and to learn consideration, so keep on working at it and the marriage will prevail.

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