How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone


When you really like someone, and they don’t even know you exist, it can be really difficult to get them out of your mind. Obsessing over someone can be a very unhealthy thing for you, as it drains you emotionally and causes you to act in ways you never thought you would.


Here are some tips on things you can actively do to stop obsessing over someone.


Don’t act like an impulsive fool


Obsession can quickly turn into crazy! Avoid putting yourself in situations near the person you are obsessing over to act out and do something foolish. Impulsive acts can include phoning them and then keeping quiet while they say, “Hello, anyone there?” or trying to get their attention by throwing something in the air while doing a flip.


Keep yourself busy


No use in brooding over someone while sitting alone at home. Thinking about them constantly isn’t healthy. Keep yourself busy to keep your obsessive thoughts at bay. Preferably with something active. Either go jogging, swimming, cycling or take up a new team sport.


Focus on your self


It’s important that you still focus on making yourself a better person. If you’re obsessing over someone in the thoughts to make them your partner, you should make sure that you are the best version of yourself to make them fall in love with you.


Start seeing their flaws


Sometimes, we put the object of our obsession on a pedestal. We create an idea of perfection in our minds, we don’t see any of their flaws and this creates an illusion of a dream man or woman. Don’t be blinded by obsession, do see the other person’s flaws.


Stop stalking them


Avoid stalking them on social media or in public places. This is creepy and not healthy. Give yourself a limit of checking in on their social network platform only once a day. This will keep their information interesting and you won’t feel like a cyber stalker.


Go on a date, even if it’s just as friends


If your object of obsession has rejected you in the past, it’s a great idea to start going out. Remind yourself that there are other interesting people on the planet. Knowing that there are other interesting people around, will help you realize that you the person you are obsessing over, isn’t the only fish in the pond


Act Accordingly

The most important part of obsessing over someone is recognizing why you are obsessing over them. Is it because you are in love with them? Do you want to be in a relationship with them? Or is it just infatuation? Figure out what the reason behind the obsession is and then act on it. Wondering if the person is going to reciprocate your feelings is one thing and finding the truth by asking them out is another.

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